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Mascots Speak About Spirit Week

Emily Schexnayder, Staff Member

October 20, 2016

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Spirit Day has been a tradition at Mount Carmel for a very long time. While students got to see the results of all the practice and hard work, they might not be aware of what the work was like for the students in the spotlight, ...

OPINION: It’s time for a government of the people

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

October 18, 2016

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As the inauguration comes full speed ahead, tensions run high, opinions run rampant, and memes become the greatest coping mechanism. The current political climate is a unique one, to say the least. People either have high hopes, ...

Politics: This Is Our Future

Czarlyn Ria Trinidad, Staff Member

October 17, 2016

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Imagine overhearing two adults talking about the latest political news. You try to voice your opinion but are immediately shut down. “You’re too young to know what you’re talking about,” they say. “This is adult stuf...

Athlete of the Week: Ellie Holzman

Abby Alonzo, Staff Member

October 17, 2016

Filed under Sports

Mount Carmel Academy’s elite varsity volleyball team is known statewide for its indisputable team spirit and support; each player has a personal cheer that is shouted by their teammates when she scores a point. That being said...

Spirit Day 2016

October 7, 2016

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Harambe and His Impact

Czarlyn Ria Trinidad, Staff Member

October 7, 2016

Filed under Feature

Harambe. Most people have heard of him, whether it be through the news, through social media, or even through lunch group conversations. Harambe was a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo. On May 28, a three-year old boy was found cl...

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