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To Love Yourself

To Love Yourself

Madison Leze, Echoes Writer

April 22, 2020

Why is it that girls are most affected by body image? It is because society can never let girls just live, they’re either too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short. Society constantly compares girls to this idea of perfection, with no exceptions for body fat or cellulite, which is natural, hereditary,...

Love Life Week: Dealing With High School Stress

Love Life Week: Dealing With High School Stress

Raleigh Lusignan, Writer

January 12, 2020

With Love Life Week around the corner, here are Echoes’s top 5 tips to deal with high school stress: Self-care! This can’t be expressed enough. It’s not “selfish” or “self-centered” to take time for yourself. You can use this time to catch up on much-needed sleep, eat something healthy and ...

Time to De-Stress!

Isabella Wollfarth

April 4, 2018

Recently, we all (excluding the seniors) took the ACT and I know it was not something we would have chosen willingly. Inspired by this, I wanted to write about some ways we all could anti-stress. 1.) FACE MASK!​!! I literally cannot elaborate enough on how much these are needed. I just found some new face mask brands that are really awesome for all ...

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