Candidate for Secretary: Abigail Blitch

Candidate for Secretary: Abigail Blitch

Give two reasons why you are running for your position in student government.

I have spread JOY at MCA this past year given our unique circumstances by upholding a positive attitude and encouraging others to always try their best. Because of my current position as a Homeroom Representative for the past two years, I have been able to motivate girls in my homeroom to take part in many school activities and fundraisers. For example, I remind them about upcoming Come Lord Jesus sessions and additionally actively take part in conversation to set a good example for them. I bake my homeroom’s favorite sweets for their birthdays to help them feel comfortable and loved, and I also encourage them to partake in events like MCA’s Mission Drive and Spirit/Gym day practices. Despite the lack of sporting events and activities open to student attendance this year, I have spread JOY at MCA through my positivity and encouragement of others.

List one goal that you would like to accomplish if you are elected, and a few steps on how you would accomplish that goal.

The main goal that I would like to accomplish if I am elected for this position is leadership. I would like to be the voice to represent Mount Carmel for my homeroom. I would like to be able to explain any uncertainties to substitute teachers if my teacher is out. I would like to celebrate birthdays and lead my class in celebrating special occasions.

What three traits do you think best describe you?The three traits that best describe me are clever, hardworking, and innovative.

With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, how have you spread JOY to your peers and used your creativity to do so?During Covid – 19 restrictions, a ton of people may feel down and it may be hard to bring them up. I love to spread JOY and use my creativity through “hugs”. If someone feels down, instead of hugging each other, we air high five or we may vent to let anything on each other’s mind out. I also encourage people to believe in themselves, for example, one girl in my grade wanted to drop out of position because she believed that she did not have a chance. I told her to go for it because I believe in her, and I know she has it in her to do what she wants to do and do what makes her happy.

Why do you think you should be elected to this position? What qualifications do you have? If you have won any awards or have held any other leadership positions, please list them.

I believe that I should be elected to this position of homeroom representative because I am a hard worker and very ambitious. I am also very prepared and get my representative duties done in a timely manner. I am currently my homeroom representative. I have won the Unsung Hero of IS, a 3.5 GPA End of the year award, and the first Sophomore homeroom to raise all money for raffle tickets.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.I embody the term servant leader through my current role as homeroom representative.

I have served my homeroom in several ways. I have read both important and non-important announcements to my class. I have celebrated all birthdays of the girls in my homeroom because I find joy in celebrating others. I have decorated both the birthday boards and bulletin boards in fun ways which both celebrate my classmates and the class theme. I have been there for my classmates whether it be to help them through a stressful situation or to give them something they may need.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time-consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

I understand that being on the executive board can be very time-consuming, but I am confident in my abilities in balancing both the executive board and academics. I do not procrastinate on doing my schoolwork. I start working out the assignment the day it is assigned to alleviate the stress that may have when starting the assignment too late. Also, this gives me time to ask my teachers any questions I may have. I do not mind staying late or coming in early to work on any executive board duties that I may have. I promise to attend as many events as I can to show my student body that I am supportive of what they do.

What are some of the things you love about the Student Council that you want to maintain?

I love being in Student Council for the family. Everyone is always there for you especially the moderators. If I have a question, they are not afraid to answer it tell you the truth. I would love to still be a part of this strong Student Council family. I also love the events. Being at Mount Carmel Academy, there is always something to do to keep you busy. I love attending all the events whether it being volleyball games or STK plays.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

Next year for Student Council, I hope to bring some of the normal events back. I think that next year we can all safely start to go to sports games again and cheer on our fellow classmates. I think we can accomplish this goal by following the COVID-19 guidelines and social distancing rules put in place by the school. I know we all miss that Mount Carmel spirit that all of the students brought to the games and think that next year should be a safe time for safe attendance to games begins again.

How have you spread JOY at MCA this past year given our unique circumstances?

I have spread JOY at Mount Carmel Academy this past year through our unique circumstances by being happy for other grades winnings in spirit or gym day. Even though certain grades did not win, I think it is important to stay optimistic and be proud of the grades that have. I believe that having joy is the only thing we need right now. It is such a hard time in all of our lives so staying optimistic and being happy is the best thing we can do.