Candidate for Secretary: Cici Zhang

Candidate for Secretary: Cici Zhang

Give two reasons why you are running for your position in student government.

I am running for Executive Board Secretary because I truly love Mount Carmel, and I want to lead and serve the student body. I’ve been in student government since freshman year, and I know the commitment, dedication, and time it requires and what being in student government entails. I want to step up senior year and utilize my leadership, collaboration, and communication skills that I have developed during the past four years to make 2021-2022 the best school year for my classmates and all the students at Mount Carmel. It has been my dream since eighth grade to be a part of E-Board because I want to be able to work with other Executive Board officers who are dedicated to promoting school spirit and sisterhood throughout the school and work together to serve Mount Carmel. I admire the Executive Board officers’ love for student government and the school, and I admire their dedication and selflessness to serve the Mount Carmel community; I believe these are attributes that I possess. Mount Carmel has broadened my skill set and given me so many opportunities, and I would like to devote my time to give back to the school by not only serving my classmates but also the teachers, faculty, and staff. I enjoy being in student government, and I want to contribute my ideas and skills, such as my creativity and organization, to guarantee that all the activities and events next year run smoothly and are in the best interest of the student body. If I am not elected as secretary, I would like to continue being a member-at-large because I enjoy working behind the scenes to spread school spirit by making balloons and birthday We Are Proud of You’s. I love being a morning shift leader and collaborating with my peers to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the mornings. I would love to serve as Executive Board secretary, but if I am not elected, I want to continue being a member-at-large.

List one goal that you would like to accomplish if you are elected, and a few steps on how you would accomplish that goal.

If I am elected as Executive Board secretary, one goal I would like to accomplish is to increase school spirit and participation at school events. I want to spread the Carmel spirit to promote sisterhood and love for Mount Carmel, and I would also like to give the athletes, dancers, and other MCA students the recognition that they deserve. Furthermore, I want to unify the students at Mount Carmel by encouraging them to attend sports games, Back-to-Brown Bash, SLR, Slam ‘N Jam, and other student council hosted events. I have attended most of these events throughout my years of being in student government, and I want to create a larger turnout at these events because of the hard work and time Executive Board officers exert into planning these events and making them fun for the student body. I would increase the involvement at school events by spreading the word of how much fun these events truly are and by creating new incentives that are doable. In addition, I would acknowledge the opinions of the student body while we are coordinating events and advocate for them among the Executive Board officers to improve aspects that the students may dislike. I will discuss with my Executive Board officers and student council members to ensure that all our decisions are in accordance with what the students want.

What three traits do you think best describe you?

Three traits that best describe me would be outgoing, dedicated, and organized. I love meeting new people, and I feel comfortable with starting a conversation with anyone I encounter. I am friendly and welcoming to everyone, and this would serve me as Executive Board secretary because I can work well with others. I would also describe myself as dedicated because I am passionate about my work and helping others. I always put extra effort into everything I do and make sure it is done well. My dedication will enable me to balance the duties of Executive Board along with my studies. I will prioritize my responsibilities as secretary and guarantee that I will fulfill them to the best of my abilities. Furthermore, being in challenging classes and extracurricular activities throughout my life has helped me to be extremely organized. I keep up with all my school work and responsibilities, and I am punctual. This would benefit me as secretary because the secretary’s main job is to keep track of attendance, spirit points, and essentially keep student government organized.

With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, how have you spread JOY to your peers and used your creativity to do so?

I spread joy among my peers by maintaining a positive attitude and selflessly helping others. I try to be optimistic even when times are tough, especially with the pandemic. I maintain a positive attitude every day so that I can serve as an example to encourage others to focus on the joys in life, rather than the challenges that they face. I try to brighten up someone’s day with a small act of kindness; for example, I smile at my friends and teachers in the hallways and hold doors open for students. I strive to be friendly and welcoming to everyone that I meet, and I strive to provide comfort and love for my peers. Furthermore, I tend to put others before myself, and I make sure all my friends and the people around me are happy. Despite the circumstances, I think it is important to check up on my friends and for me to be their support system. My peers are important to me, and I think it is important for me to let them know how much I appreciate them and give back for all they have done for me. Additionally, my love to give to others has allowed me to use my creativity to spread joy, such as baking little treats for my friends.

Why do you think you should be elected to this position? What qualifications do you have? If you have won any awards or have held any other leadership positions, please list them.

I should be elected as secretary because I have served on various student government positions since sixth grade. I have been a member-at-large, representative, and vice president, and at Mount Carmel, I have served as a member-at-large for two years. My experience in student government is well-rounded, and I know the amount of time and work that is necessary to hold a major office and to plan activities. Along with student government, other clubs I am involved in are National Honor Society, Christian Life Community, Mu Alpha Theta, and MCCADD. Outside of school, I tutor younger students, and I take dance classes. These clubs foster my leadership skills and my love to serve others. Participating in all these extracurricular activities exemplify my dedication, organization, and time management. Therefore, my experience and my work ethic qualifies me for the position of secretary. Furthermore, I am a spirit point committee head, so I am already aware of what the secretary’s job entails. At Mount Carmel, I have maintained a high GPA, which speaks to my ability to balance school work with my clubs, and I have received outstanding member awards for many clubs, such as PAWS, Student Government, and MCCADD. I want to serve as Executive Board Secretary because I want to implement my ideas into student government and serve the student body.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

The term “servant leader” is an individual that puts the needs of others first and strives to provide for her people. A servant leader is selfless and ultimately focuses on the wellbeing of her peers first before herself. I embody the term “servant leader” because I am driven to support others, and I place their needs before my own. I want to run for secretary because I want to be able to talk and collaborate with student council members to create a year full of love, laughter, and growth. By being a servant leader, I will listen to others and attempt to implement any suggestions that they may have. I embody the term by participating in clubs such as CLC that gather donations for people who are less fortunate and work together after school to give to the poor. Specifically in Student Council, I am a morning shift leader for the member-at-larges; therefore, it is necessary for me to communicate with the other MALS to complete the birthday WAPYs or balloon projects for that morning. I lead and listen to the MALS, and we work together. Student Council stems from teamwork, and I believe that I am a good team worker. I would be an asset to Executive Board because I work extremely well with others, and I selflessly serve my peers.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time-consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

Being in National Honor Society, MCCADD, Mu Alpha Theta, CLC, student government, and challenging classes this past year has taught me the importance of time management. I recognize that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time consuming, but I believe I will be able to handle it next school year because I have become accustomed to juggling a lot of my responsibilities. I am punctual and responsible, and I complete all my assignments and my club requirements ahead of time. However, I plan to prioritize Executive Board if I do win. I promise to keep my duties of secretary first and focus on working with the other officers to make 2021-2022 the best school year. I will keep my calendar and schedule flexible in case something for Eboard arises. I am fully committed to serve the Mount Carmel community and to simultaneously keep Student Council fun but also earnest and studious.

What are some of the things you love about the Student Council that you want to maintain?

Some of the things I love about Student Council that I want to maintain would be the love and family that Student Council has created. Being in Student Council truly makes me feel like I’m in a big family whose sole purpose is to serve Mount Carmel and the students. I have attended SLR, and it is my favorite experience ever because I love running around school at night with my team screaming and working together in different games to compete against other teams. I love how welcoming and friendly everyone in Student Council is, and how even though the club consists of so many girls, everyone is still tight knit. Everyone supports each other and works together to make school events possible. The club has also contributed to my love to serve others because it makes serving others enjoyable, rather than a task that has to be completed. I want to maintain the fun and joy at school activities, such as SLR, pep rallies, and dances. I also would like to maintain the bond between the entire student government.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

Some of my goals for Student Council next year are to encourage more students to come out to school wide events. I want to persuade more students to come out to events like Back to Brown and SLR because they are actually so fun. I think we can accomplish these goals by having people who have attended these events spread the word. Another goal I have for Student Council next year would be to give the members-at-larges the recognition they deserve. I believe that members-at-larges are the foundation of Student Council, but I have noticed that our work continues to go unnoticed in the past two years that I have served as an MAL. The jobs of an MAL may be miniscule, but they still deserve recognition for various things they do, such as waking up early to make birthday WAPY’s for the lockers or balloons for events. I want to give members-at-larges and all the members of the entire club recognition because being in Student Council requires time, commitment, and hard work. I plan to work closely with Executive Board to figure out creative ways to convince more students to attend student council events. I hope to create a close bond with my Executive Board officers as I have seen in the past because teamwork truly makes the dreamwork.

How have you spread JOY at MCA this past year given our unique circumstances?

Given the circumstances, I have spread joy this past year by introducing myself to people that I’ve never talked to before. I have created new friendships by extending my friendliness to new students. Furthermore, I view my friends as an important aspect of my life, and I often tell them how grateful I am for them. I treat all my friends, teachers, and faculty and staff with respect because the littlest acts go a long way. I often try to perform little acts of kindness just to brighten someone’s day a bit. In order to spread joy, I have to be happy. Therefore, I try to be optimistic every day at school so that I can extend my joy to other students. I hope to spread joy and impact many people at Mount Carmel before my time is over. I want to leave my mark on the school by selflessly serving others and making as many people as I can happy.