Candidate for Artist Chairlady: Abigail Spreen

Candidate for Artist Chairlady: Abigail Spreen

Give two reasons why you are running for your position in student government.

I am running for Artist Chairlady because I love to be able to create and I love being able to spark joy in others. I am able to use my creativity along with others to make a new end result. I also love being able to use my skills to help make the school more spirited. I have been a student government artist for the past two years, and by holding this position, I have made so many new friends while working on various projects including Winter Formal decorations, Pink Game posters, Student Leadership Retreat theme banners, and t-shirt designs. Through these past two years, I have been able to use my artistic skills to create joy within others. I love being able to see everyone smile at the various artwork placed around the school. This year during Mardi Gras, I loved being able to spread the joy of the special New Orleans tradition through decorating the cafeteria in purple, green, and gold. Everyone seemed happier after passing the brightly colored banners. Through the position of Artist Chairlady, I would be able to continue to bring smiles to other students’ faces with the artwork of the Artist Committee.

List one goal that you would like to accomplish if you are elected, and a few steps on how you would accomplish that goal.

If I was elected as Artist Chairlady for the 2020-2021 school year, I would like to try and continue to add school spirit to the school through the artwork of the Student Council Artists. I loved how amazed everyone, including students and teachers, was when the cafeteria was decorated for various holidays. In order to accomplish this goal, I would continue to have after-school paint days with the Artists in order to keep creating.

What three traits do you think best describe you?

I think that the three traits that would best describe me are hardworking, imaginative, and punctual. First, I always put my all into everything I do, whether it be my artwork, schoolwork, or relationships with others. I am the type of person who always wants to make sure that my work is the best I could possibly create. As I have grown as an artist, I have learned that by having a good sketch, you are able to create a better end product. After having a solid foundation, I can start to go in and paint my base colors down. After I have my base colors, I can finally shade and add detail, creating a piece of art that I can share with others. By putting effort into every single step of a process, I am able to successfully reach my end goal. Next, I always like to think outside of the box, which is important in both holding a leadership position and creating a piece of artwork. I always like to think of new ways to reach a goal. In my artwork, I often experiment with various mediums and techniques to see what I can create. I like to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table that can offer new insight. Finally, I always like to make sure I am on time. I am a firm believer in always being either on time or early to things that I commit to. Punctuality is key when trying to be an effective worker. In being punctual, I have learned how to manage my time well so that I am able to turn things in on the date it is due.

With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, how have you spread JOY to your peers and used your creativity to do so?

Although things have been slightly different this year than in previous years, I have continued to spread JOY by offering a helping hand to anyone who needs one. Anyone who knows me knows that I will help you with anything you need. I also try to make my classmates smile by always trying to be positive and remembering the little things. I am kind to everyone no matter who they are or how their attitude is. While I cannot help people in the ways I have before, I do try to still find creative ways to offer assistance. For example, even though I cannot hug my friends like I used to, I try to use affirmative words instead to make them remember how loved they are.

Why do you think you should be elected to this position? What qualifications do you have? If you have won any awards or have held any other leadership positions, please list them.

I think that I have the qualifications for this position because I have held leadership positions in the past. While I have been a StuCo Artist for the past two years, I also have been in charge of Saint Clement of Rome CYO’s art-based activities as well. I was elected Artist and Social Media Chair for this past year, and through that position, I have learned how I can truly be a leader by spreading joy through art.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

I embody the term “servant leader” by offering my assistance whenever I possibly can. The best leader always makes sure to help the people she is leading, like Jesus did. In Student Council, I try to offer my assistance by attending as many workdays as possible. These workdays help decorate the school for various events, and they help the school feel more spirited. In general, I try to help others by always offering a hand to my fellow classmates, whether it be to help explain a hard topic or offer someone to talk to.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time-consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

I do realize the large commitment that Executive Board is. I plan to manage my time as I always do: I plan ahead. I always carry around an agenda with a plan that I try to follow. I make myself lists and schedules to stay organized and on top of assignments and commitments. I do realize that my schedule does not always work out perfectly, but I do try to follow it as closely as possible. I have learned to be flexible and not procrastinate on things that can easily and quickly be done.

What are some of the things you love about the Student Council that you want to maintain?

I love the community that StuCo has created. Even though there are at least 80 girls on Student Council, we still all feel like a family. I want to continue to harbor that bond that all of the girls share with each other. I also would like to continue to keep some form of pep rally, whether it be virtual or in-person. Everyone truly seems to enjoy the pep rallies that StuCo puts on, and by continuing to do so, it gives the students something to look forward to and unify themselves with.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

My goals for StuCo next year are to try and spread as much joy as possible. Even if the year has been a little different than in the past, the current E-Board has done a wonderful job of continuing to provide joy at MCA through these trying times. I’d like to try to continue doing the same thing.

How have you spread JOY at MCA this past year given our unique circumstances?

I have continued to spread JOY by continuing to be positive in the face of adversity. Right now, it is so much easier to complain and feel pity for everyone and everything. By having a positive attitude, I try to turn others around and make their days brighter.