Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Maddie Nguyen

Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Maddie Nguyen

Give two reasons why you are running for your position in student government.

I am running for MAL Chairlady because I genuinely care about the school and want to help the school in any way possible. Secondly, I enjoy making my peers and those around me happy using decorations. I also love holding a leadership position in the school because I can build relationships of trust and care with the students of Mount Carmel.

List one goal that you would like to accomplish if you are elected, and a few steps on how you would accomplish that goal.

I want to bring more organization to the Members-at-Large group. I believe that having more rules regarding sign-ups will allow for more organization of the Member-at-Large group. I would like to help the Members-at-Large go into the flow of the position from before COVID-19. Similar to how Sarah ran, I would like to implement new creative ideas regarding the balloons like different colored strings for the balloons. Lastly, I would like to implement a day to fixing balloons because so many MAL balloons are ruined throughout the year from backpacks.

What three traits do you think best describe you?

I believe that I am calm, reliable, and passionate. In difficult situations, I have maintained a calm demeanor. I have been able to quickly come up with solutions in extremely tough situations. I am also reliable. Every time I have been asked for help, I have gone to help. I uphold all of my contracts without fault. I have a growing passion for everything I do. I strongly believe and support everything in my life no matter what it is.

With COVID-19 restrictions in mind, how have you spread JOY to your peers and used your creativity to do so?

I spread JOY through helping others or talking to them in a calm manner. I talk to others when they are having a bad day through call, text, or facetime. I also always keep a positive attitude even in times that seem tough. I genuinely enjoy spreading joy to others.

Why do you think you should be elected to this position? What qualifications do you have? If you have won any awards or have held any other leadership positions, please list them.

I think I should be elected to Member-at-Large Chairlady because of my devotion and care for the school. I spend a lot of time participating in school events and helping others during school. I have been a Member-at-Large for 3 years. I hold the current position of an STK crew head. I currently hold a scholarship to Mount Carmel, and I was a fundraising committee head for the 2020-2021 school year.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

I have worked continuously for the school through volunteering and clubs. I spend time by participating in aiding every Executive Board by donating my time for fundraisers and pep rallies. I set up the lights for the most recent pep rallies and aided in the chocolate fundraiser. I have worked summer camp every year, and I worked Exploration MCA. I have hosted a spend a day.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time-consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

I think I will spend less time in my other clubs like STK. Because I have an apprentice, she could spend more time working in my place. I can use my extra time to work with the Executive Board along with using my mornings. I understand that Executive Board takes a lot of time, but I have maintained my school work every year while maintaining every other club. I believe that by adjusting my schedule by having an organized plan, I can create the perfect balance.

What are some of the things you love about the Student Council that you want to maintain?

I love the atmosphere of the Student Council. Every person is extremely friendly and helpful. I want to continue to help others through Student Council. I also believe that Student Council creates a very positive and affirmative environment. The members of Student Council constantly build others up, and I would like to maintain that.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

My goal for Student Council next year is to create a more organized and colorful environment. I want to attempt to help create either an atmosphere to lift the spirit of others after COVID or to reorganize Student Council like pre-COVID. I want to allow for more Student Council participation in school events like Open House. By encouraging people in Student Council to volunteer for school activities, there will be a more positive environment. As a current member of Student Council, I realize the difficulty to get points or committee events, so I would like to implement more ways to get points or committee events.

How have you spread JOY at MCA this past year given our unique circumstances?

I have spread JOY at MCA during COVID. I enjoy talking to others and reassuring them of the positives in a bad year. I try to constantly spread positivity to everyone that I encounter by using light and hopeful conversation. I also participate in most activities, so I can meet new people and spread JOY to them.

What strengths did you see in the member-at-large system this year?

How will you continue to implement these strengths?I saw so many strengths this year. I believe that under these circumstances Sarah did an amazing job of uplifting the Member-at-Large system. I saw the organization and creativity that Sarah brought. By using an organized system for morning shifts, I can regulate and discover who actually participates in the morning shifts. I will continue to create separate a GroupMe for every shift. I want to also use my creativity to create new balloon strings in a variety of colors similar to Sarah’s idea of having the mascots on the balloons.

What improvements do you envision for the member-at-large system for next year? Please give specific steps for improvement.

I want to implement a day or a system where the Members-at-Large could fix the ruined birthday balloons in the hallways. By either adding a day or offering a point, members could fix the cover of the balloons. I also want to create a system where if a member misses their shift then they cannot secretly sign in. I want to do this by either having the shift members turn in the paper or creating a new type of sign-in. Lastly, I want to implement more creativity in the Member-at-Large system like adding more colors to the balloons through strings or using stronger paper for the balloons. I would like to also find a way to have more decorations at big events like creating paper flowers.