MCA Welcomes New Faculty 2020-2021!


This 2020-2021 school year, Mount Carmel Academy has received many new teachers. Echoes interviewed a few of these teachers via email.

First, Ms. Troxclair has joined the MCA faculty as a Psychology and Civics teacher. She, however, has been a part of the MCA family for years, considering that she is part of the 2008 MCA graduating class. The wonderful experiences she had here as a student encouraged her to become a teacher here; she adds, “I love the traditions and the memories that are still alive today. I also love experiencing MCA as a teacher, because it is a different and new experience from being a student at MCA, yet there is still a common thread–many things feel similar and familiar.” When she’s not teaching, you can probably find Ms. Troxclair reading or playing acoustic guitar.


Ms. Spruell is a Civics and Civics Honors teacher as well as a Student Council co-moderator. Some of her favorite things are her newly adopted mutt Kateri and the color green, which reminds her of Spring. She is super excited to get to fulfill a teaching role at MCA: “I have always loved history and found I enjoyed working with high school-aged children through my work at a summer camp in Illinois. Getting to teach Social Studies combines those two joys!”


Ms. Petersen teaches English II and College & Careers, and she is also a co-moderator of the Game Squad Cheerleaders. Like Ms. Troxclair, Ms. Petersen is also an MCA alumnus from the Ragdoll class of 2013. Ms. Petersen says how she was inspired to become a teacher: “Since MCA, teachers have truly been some of the most influential and important people in my day to day life. […] Although I didn’t always know that I wanted to teach, I believe that teaching has always been something that has felt close to my heart. I am a very nurturing person by nature, and teaching has always felt like a nurturing profession. I love being able to share my love of English with students and hopefully help them to love it, too!” When she’s not teaching, you can find her hanging out with her cat Banana or watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Ms. McAdam moderates MCA’s popular Teens For Life (TFL) club and teaches Junior religion. However, this isn’t her first time at Mount Carmel: She’s a Ragdoll from the graduating class of 2016! Ms. McAdams, on returning to MCA, says, “MCA has always been the feeling of being at home. When I was a student it didn’t feel like school and now as a teacher, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a second home.” When she’s not at school, she’s obsessing over Disney, hanging out with her dogs Nola and Lou Lou, and enjoying the writings of C.S. Lewis.



Hailing from Austin, Texas, Ms. Cahalan now teaches Advanced Math and coaches basketball at Mount Carmel. She attended LSU and is super excited to teach here. When asked what inspired her to consider teaching, Ms. Cahalan replied, “I love math and so I figured teaching would be a great way to share my love of math with others. Growing up, my sister and I would always play “School,” and I would always want to be the teacher. I also have always loved sports, so with teaching I also get the opportunity to coach and be involved with the sports that I love!”



Mr. Delaney teaches Religion 8, and, when asked why he considered teaching, he replied, “Both good and bad experiences with religion teachers whilst I was in high school made me want to teach. In middle school, I had an excellent teacher who taught us how to read the Bible allegorically, taught us proofs for the existence of God, and explained why we should cherish our Catholic faith. While in high school, unfortunately, religion class was reduced to a lackluster and childish portrayal of the faith. In light of that bad experience, I wanted to give high schoolers the religious education I was not given when I was in high school.” 


We welcome these teachers to MCA!


Katie Cahalan

Jonathan Drago


Bryan Camp

Morgan Petersen

Mae Stair

Social Studies

Megan Spruell

Addie Troxclair

Foreign Language

Emily Hudson

Chris Connolly


Merritt Lota


Verna Estoque


Tanya Cenac

Maggie DiLeo

Emily McAdam

Alex Fletcher

Ashley Appel

Lauren O’Brien

Cassidy Phillips

Robert Delaney