FALL into a Healthy Mindset!

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Don’t forget to take care of yourself with some of these tips!


With school back in session, most MCA students are in agreement that waking up early and writing assignments has been a big transition and a definite stressor! (Wink wink, juniors, we love you! ♥) Remember to take care of yourself so you can meet your goals. Check out these self care tips that are sure to have you feeling totally zen!

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Strike a Match: Lighting a candle is one of the best ways to achieve that cozy, fuzzy feeling of comfort AND make your room smell divine! Certain candles are made with essential oils designed to provide aromatherapy, but others simply smell good! Bath and Body Works & Paddywax are my favorite sites to browse!

Brynn’s Scent Recommendations: B&BW Stress Relief (specifically for surviving physics quizzes!) & B&BW Pumpkin Vanilla Creme (bonus points for burning it while watching Hocus Pocus!)

Forget your task and MASK!: Glowing, refreshed skin AND fun snaps to send!? What’s not to love? Certain face masks are super beneficial for the skin and can combat a variety of skin concerns, like acne and brightness. They also come in an array of forms, from sheet masks and mud masks to peel offs. So slather on some blue goo and be revealed to a glowing complexion and a calmer mind!

Brynn’s insight: I love using mud masks when i’m dealing with a pesky breakout because the mud helps to dry out impurities and leave me with clearer skin! My favorite: Calcium Bentonite Clay   

Relax with a snack: Picking something healthy and easy to snack on is a good way to fuel your brain and body with the right things! As someone extremely lazy, I appreciate when my snacks require minimal preparation and effort! Here’s a few ideas to try out!

Dip veggies (carrots, celery) in hummus; Dunk apple slices in peanut butter; sprinkle your favorite granola on yogurt; squish banana slices together with peanut butter

Chill out with a good book: I know what most of you are thinking…reading is such a bore! Wrong! When you’re at the library or bookstore, look for something that interests YOU! Personally, I love reading thrillers and mysteries; but the range of literature is endless, so you’re sure to find something you like! Even reading magazines and articles (like this one!) or listening to podcasts is beneficial in helping to de-stress.

Brynn’s Top Picks: Mindhunter by John Douglas (Yes, like the Netflix series); We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Drink more agua!: It’s a no-brainer that drinking water is super helpful for your body. From improving your mood and boosting energy levels to improving your skin, water virtually does it all! Drinking water can be even easier when you have a cute (and transparent, this one’s for you, Mrs. Guilbault) water bottle to carry around and decorate with fun stickers! Props to the girls that carry around their gallon jugs, we salute you!

Brands I love: Nalgene, CamelBak, Contigo, Zak!