MCA Celebrates Skirts and Shirts Week!

Though COVID interrupted our traditional Spirit Week, we showed our spirit anyway!


COVID interrupted traditional Spirit Week celebrations that we all know and love. Instead of canceling Spirit Week, E-Board threw a 2020 version of Spirit Week that allowed us to follow COVID safety procedures. Each grade enjoyed a day to wear their class shirts and show their class spirit. The seniors kicked off Spirit Week on September 28th, and the eighth grade concluded their first Spirit Week on October 2nd.

E-Board hosted an amazing picnic for each grade level on their special day, including some groovy music. Each grade level’s board members put up decorations around the cafeterias and outside to show off their grade level’s colors. In addition, students were able to enjoy delicious food from Mount Carmel or food delivered by a parent while also wearing their class shirts and cheering together for the first time this year.

For the Sophomores, this event was particularly special because they never formally received their Purple Butterfly colors in May. COVID interrupted their Passing of the Colors ceremony, so Shirts and Skirts was the first time they showed their butterfly spirit.  Sophomores beautifully flaunted their butterfly colors, truly grasping what it means to be a Purple Butterfly.

Seeing the school decked out in each grade level’s colors gave many people hope and joy. During these times, the cancellation of beloved events that bring happiness for even just that ten minutes on a single day has left many of us sad. However, Mount Carmel students and moderators have collectively found that we were still able to come together and create those joyous memories that students will always remember. This year’s Spirit Week was a blessing in disguise!

From all the students at Mount Carmel, we want to thank E-Board and everyone involved for hosting such a great Shirts and Skirts Week and lifting our spirits.