Club of the Month: WMCA


Looking for a club to join? WMCA is a club that shares school news, school events, and important topics through live television. Every Friday, WMCA airs their show at 3:05 in the afternoon.

In WMCA, students are taught about production and filming. Not everyone who works on WMCA ends up in front of the camera! You can audition to be a spokesperson or work behind the scenes and also use computers and special technology to enhance their editing skills. However, if you want your time in the spotlight, WMCA is a good fit, too! Some students even create and perform comical skits that make the show entertaining for viewers. If you want to be a member, email Mr. Rodriguez or Mr. Naquin for more information!

To find out more, we asked the treasurer of the club, junior Rachel Stone, a few questions.

What is it like to be a part of WMCA?

Rachel: WMCA is one of my favorite clubs because being in the club is like being in a little family. Everyone works together to create funny and informative segments, and there are also many times where you work together with another student who you might have never met before. Being in the club causes you to expand your friendships while also growing your ability to think outside of the box and be creative.

What makes WMCA significant from other clubs?

Rachel: WMCA stands out among MCA’s clubs because of its capacity and also because of the opportunities it gives the students who are a part of it. The technology used in the studio, including the new iPhone 11 Pros, drone cameras, Mac computers, and Adobe Premiere Pro, really gives the students the chance to experiment with film development, editing, and filming. A lot of this technology is used today in professional filming, and WMCA shows students how to use these resources and gives them the chance to take the production process into their own hands.

What inspired you to be a part of WMCA?

Rachel: I was inspired to join the club because of what I had heard about the club through my friends and because I enjoyed watching the weekly WMCA shows. I wanted to be a part of the action and learn how these shows are made. I am so glad I made the choice to join WMCA because it has helped me with my ability to handle new technology and through the club, I have made many friends who I would have never known.

We also asked Mr. Naquin, WMCA co-moderator what his favorite part about moderating WMCA is. His response? “To see what the students can create.” We love seeing what the students can create every Friday, too!