Charity of the Month: World Central Kitchen


Many people donate and volunteer for charities without realizing how many other great causes they can also contribute to. There are so many charities out there that not many people know about. This article is meant to spread awareness about other charities that may not be as popular in this area. This month’s charity focus is World Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen provides not only local services, but global, found anywhere in North or South America.

When looking at volunteering for or donating to charities, it is important to look and see what they are about. Charities like World Central Kitchen are especially important because of the big impacts they make by giving food out to disaster areas, giving hot meals to the less fortunate, and giving people the opportunity to grow in their culinary skills. World Central Kitchen is an organization that works with communities and organizations to give out meals and food supplies to families and people in need. This organization works with many different people to help them get the food they need.

In 2019, they had a very successful year. For example, in March, they served over ten thousand meals to flood refuges in Nebraska and South Dakota. In July, tropical storm Barry hit Louisiana, causing many places to shut down; however, WCK set up three different kitchens across the state serving food to thousands. Not only do they help when disasters hit, but they also help chefs gain experience in the kitchen. They teach these young adults or adults to cook and help provide a service to people in need. WCK is always looking for more help and volunteers. For more information or if you would like to donate you can visit their website, in which you can visit their instagram or Facebook page.

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