Five Fall Fits that Cover the 4Bs


In the 21st century, fashion is readily available to us. With social media influence, it is easy to get caught up in the many trends that glorify a fixation on women’s bodies. The media is continuously feeding girls the idea that happiness resides in their appearances while producing pressure to wear revealing clothes which reflect the celebrities we see online; however, we believe that a woman’s worth is based solely on who she is as a person, and the clothes she wears should reflect this.

As women, we can express ourselves through what we wear and demonstrate our worth and dignity while still looking fashionable. As students at Mount Carmel, we have always been encouraged to find creative ways to keep up with trends while maintaining modesty. Following the “4 Bs” to cover the back, breasts, belly, and bottom is a simple guideline for modesty. Here are five fall outfits that follow the 4Bs guidelines and also look great:

The first outfit is a classic jean look. Start with your favorite blue jeans and sneakers and pair the duo with a v-neck, velvet, spaghetti strap top. To add an element of modesty and warmth, throw on a white mock neck top underneath. For a more sophisticated look, you can put a tan blazer on top. Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite jewelry and purse.

Midi skirts and dresses this fall have been all the rage. They are cute, trendy, and a great way to conservatively express your style. Pair your patterned mini skirt with a black top for a monochrome base. For a pop of color, grab a contrasting jacket that matches the skirt. To finalize the look, throw on some classic black boots.

Though you may have pushed your dresses to the back of your closet for the fall, they have not outstripped their use quite yet. Slip on a dress with a focus on more neutral colors. Layer a black mock neck underneath the dress and pair with mid black boots. For a fun pop of color, add a brightly colored purse to bring the whole look together.

For the next outfit, pair a neutral-colored, straight leg pant with a neutral long sleeve top.  On top, add a black, corduroy jacket for additional texture and opposing color. Finally, accessorize with your favorite patterned purse, headband, and jewelry.

For a more casual option, slip into some black jeans and a sweatshirt. Layer a white collared shirt underneath your sweatshirt and pair it with white sneakers. Be sure to complete your day to day look with your favorite sunglasses and purse!