Sewing for Service

Elizabeth Murray’s Experience Making Masks


During this pandemic, MCA Junior Elizabeth Murray has contributed to the COVID-19 cause by creating masks. Murray was inspired to make the masks from her own ambition to protect anyone who is at a high risk during this time, including essential workers, the elderly, or those with health issues.

Once she saw the encouragement to wear masks, Elizabeth Murray knew what her contribution of aid in the pandemic would be: “I knew that I wanted to do whatever I could to help, but I felt helpless until I came across the pattern for face masks. I immediately began sewing them for my family and asking my friends if they needed any at that point.”

To create these masks, Murray has used scraps of old clothing of hers and made the masks into a decorative accessory that could fit anyone’s taste.

Personally, Murray’s favorite mask is one she made for her father who is a NCB surveyor, which is someone who inspects ships entering New Orleans and is interacting with people who travel internationally. Elizabeth Murray’s concern for her father’s and his fellow workers’ safety has inspired her to make more of her favorite mask with the hopes that her father and the people he works with are protected and remain safe in their dangerous work area.

After making masks for the NCB surveyors, Elizabeth Murray has begun creating and selling masks on her Etsy account @BizziLizziMasks.

She even has handmade, washable Mount Carmel mascot masks available for sale! We love it! Check them out!

Elizabeth, Echoes thank you for your contribution to help those affected by COVID-19 and hope others are inspired to help during this time too!