StuCo 2020: Elected!


Please welcome your 2020 Student Council members!

E-Board is responsible for planning over forty events throughout the school year! These events comprise school activities such as pep rallies, Winter Formal, Back to Brown Bash, and more. Here is the E-Board for the 2020-2021 school year:

President: Elisabeth Berner

Vice President: Katie Glas

Secretary: Ashley Heller

Treasurer: Guiliana Renda

Artist Chairlady: Reagan Krupp

MAL Chairlady: Sarah Couret


Class Presidents are responsible for communicating with their respective class moderators as well as planning, authorizing, and supervising all class activities and events. Here are each grades’ respective Class Presidents for the 2020-2021 school year:

Freshman: Claire Swaim

Sophomore: Raleigh Lusignan

Junior: Mia Foremaster

Senior: Samantha Carriere


Board members are responsible for organizing their respective grade-level activities such as Spirit Day and Gym Day with their Class President and Class Moderators. Here are the Board Members, organized by their respective grades, for the 2020-2021 school year:

Freshman Board

Adeleine Berner

Amelia Broussard

Caitlynn Cooper

Caroline Macaluso

Charlotte Martinez

Ella Spiers

Emery Baudry

Francesca-Rose Mayeux

Haley LaBonia

Hannah Melguizo

Kate Wakefield

Mia Celestin

Milan Nyugen

Reese Taylor


Sophomore Board

Alexandra LeCompte

Ava Fischer

Cate Ardon

Ceci Cusimano

Corrine Clement

Emily Kohnke

Evie Jordan

Isa Duchesne

Izzy Breaux

Jillian Long

Kaitlin Sumich

Memphis Kronlage

Natalyn Bonvillian

Sylvie Sausse


Junior Board

Alexa D’Gerolamo

Alexis Yuratich

Amelia Ott

Amelie Scariano

Anna Rodomista

Catherine Dufour

Gracie Roule

Jillian Bruno

Julia Fielding

Lauren Schneider

Paige Vu

Rachel Stone

Riley Guillot

Shelby Wahl


Senior Board

Katie Bee

Damiana Bertin

Morgan Breaux

Corinne Cheramie-White

Therese Dupre

Margo Flores

René Guillot

Abigail Johnson

Ellie LoCoco

Camille Melguizo

Camille Mouney

Brooke Nuss

Casey Pappas

Julia Roussel

Amelia Troutman


Homeroom Representatives are responsible for relaying Student Government information to their respective homeroom and decorating said homeroom’s bulletin boards and door (the latter during holidays). Here are the Homeroom Representatives, organized by their respective grades, for the 2020-2021 school year:


Freshman Homeroom Representatives

Amanda Betancourt

Eva Caparotta

Audrey Foster

Ryan Foreman

Hailey Hezeau

Gianna Hingle

Elise Holloway

Mollie Lagarde

Elyssa Lassair

Emily Masri

Chloe Odle

Gabriella Robbins

Emily Quant

Lulu Torrealba


Sophomore Homeroom Representatives

Abby Blitch

Mary Ferguson

Nateli Ferguson

Bayleigh Fife

Haley Guidry

Isabella Hidalgo

Kathryn Kamlade

Claire Lepine

Averie Marino

Victoria Olsen

Paola Salame

Nicole Seghers

Amelia Spreen

Julia Tatman


Junior Homeroom Representatives

Kennedy Bissant

Sarah Carollo

Gabby Carter

Tatum Clouatre

Joelle Daigle

Hailey Ferrara

Etienne Juluke

Sarah Kelly

Sophia McKean

Tori Mire

Kayla Story

Sarah Swaim

Abby Weber

Grace Williams


Senior Homeroom Representatives

Abigail Baroni

Blaire D’Aunoy

Mia Dallimore

Taylor Dobson

Grace Fontenot

Brynn Hill

Lille Hughes

Danna Masri

Grace Popham

Samantha Ricciardo

Caroline Rowell

Madilyn Sanderson

Abby Steeg

Rachel West

Arianna White


Artists are responsible for creating artwork for the school and community. The banner in the IMC, dance murals, and the banner for Student Leaders’ Retreat are just to name a few of their tasks. Here are the Artists for the 2020-2021 school year:

Shelby Blalock

Victoria Contreras

Taylor Davis

Angelina Granier

Meredith Guy

Emily Hendrick

Gabriella Hidalgo

Taylor Hunn

Kaila Kitchen

Sydney Kremer

Samantha Pottinger

Paige Restel

Zoe Rogers

Abigail Spreen

Caroline Weiss


Members-at-Large (MALs) are responsible for making birthday WAPYs and tend to the school’s balloon needs during dances and the like. Here are the MALs for the 2020-2021 school year:

Alexis Alonso

Kate Anderson

Molly Arruebarrena

Avery Barfield

Savannah Bergeron

Rachel Berzas

Maddie Boudreaux

Emily Brown

Cameron Cancienne

Kate D’Gerolamo

Reese Dejoie

Mihlyna Falcon

Hailey Ferrara

Elise Giovengo

Shanna Grandpré

Marie Howe

Koryn Kennedy

Morgan Kernion

Rachel Lacho

Grace Lacoste

Laila Naquin

Cherie Nguyen

Maddie Nguyen

Ali Oliveri

Grace Rodriguez

Portia Rogers

Sydney Soldano

Lorraine Steigner

Victoria Stephens

Lorna Sweeney

Abigail Toups

Emma Walsdorf

Sofia Woods

Cici Zhang

Congratulations! We are proud of you!