To Love Yourself


Why is it that girls are most affected by body image? It is because society can never let girls just live, they’re either too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short. Society constantly compares girls to this idea of perfection, with no exceptions for body fat or cellulite, which is natural, hereditary, and unavoidable.

Photoshop has not helped the issue either. In fact, photoshopped has made our body image worse. Photoshop corrects blemishes on ourselves that we may not notice and lets us morph ourselves into this unrealistic, perfect human. Teen girls see social media influencers with perfectly airbrushed skin and perfect curves and aspire to be like them. This aspiration causes women to negatively view themselves leading them to tear themselves down or leading them to serious illnesses like anorexia or bulimia.

Instead of falling into the perfection trap, teen girls need to realize that these imperfections can and should be embraced. The female body is one of the most powerful living organisms in the world. It is capable of nurturing and carrying a human life, so the imperfections on the body women worry about are minor to what the body is capable of doing. As of current time, it is important for a teen girl to realize that no person in this world will ever fulfill society’s expectations of a woman’s physical appearance.

Therefore, teen girls need to stop trying to fix themselves to fit the expectation of society and instead accept themselves for who they are, because in the end if you are happy and healthy, you are beautiful.