Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Hailey Ferrara

Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Hailey Ferrara

Why are you running for your desired positions on Student Government?

I am running for the position of Executive Board Member-At-Large Chairlady because I was a member-at-large my freshman year, and I absolutely loved it. I made a ton of friends through being a Member-At-Large, and I felt as if it was like a family. I spent the mornings with other MALs working on WAPYs to decorate the lockers with, but also just bonding with them in general. All the students are very willing to help each other and put in the extra effort, and it creates a community-like dynamic. Ever since I became a part of Student Government, I’ve wanted to run for an Executive Board position, and I think Member-At-Large Chairlady would be a great fit for me, as I do enjoy working behind the scenes and organizing so that everything runs smoothly. I am running for Class Representative because I was elected as one this past year, and it was something I really enjoyed doing. I loved setting up my bulletin board and coming up with ideas for my room as well as baking cookies for my classmates on their birthdays. It was definitely a fun position to have on Student Government and I loved the interaction that I had with other members. I got to inform my homeroom of any upcoming events and announcements and got to answer any questions they had. I feel like this position has made me a better leader overall. I am running for Member-At-Large because, like stated earlier, I was a Member-At-Large my ninth-grade year and I really enjoyed working in that position. MALs generally do a lot of work behind-the-scenes by setting up for events and keeping everything organized, and I felt that it was a great position for me.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year in your desired position? How will you go about doing so?

One thing I want to accomplish this year in my desired position is overall organization as well as excitement. I will do this by being supportive of other members of Student Government, and come up with ideas on how to clearly convey information to our peers about upcoming events and announcements.

What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself and why?

Three adjectives that I would use to describe myself are enthusiastic, determined, and trustworthy. I am enthusiastic because I enjoy helping others and being a part of Student Government, and am truly excited to do it. I am determined because when I need to do something, I want to do it thoroughly and will not give up on what I am going to do. Whether this be a big project or something small, I am committed to it. Finally, I am trustworthy because whenever I say I will do something, I follow through and complete that action. This means I can be relied on to get things done.

How do you spread JOY and kindness among your peers?

I spread JOY and kindness among my peers by just being nice to others and treating them with respect. I feel that treating others the way you want to be treated, or following the Golden Rule, is important in order to build strong friendships with peers. Showing kindness to others, even if it is only a simple small gesture, can brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. Additionally, I do pray and have regular conversations with God. This helps me keep Him first in my life and to help guide my everyday decisions.

Why should your peers vote for you? What qualifications do you have? Are there any awards you have received?

My peers should vote for me because I am hard-working and honestly love being on Student Government. I enjoy helping people and encouraging them in whatever they do. I have been in Student Government for the past two years, one year being a Member-At-Large and the other being a Class Representative. This means I am well-versed and know how to follow through and keep myself organized. I have won the Service Hour Award, and I have also been an honors student for all my time at Mount Carmel making A’s and B’s.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

I embody the term “servant leader” by helping others and encouraging them. I like to put all I can into the work that I do, and help others to the same. I donate my time to help my peers in different subjects like Algebra and Chemistry as well as volunteer at the ARNO animal shelter, being a part of PAWS, and being on the Swim Team.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

Next year, I plan to manage my time by keeping a detailed calendar and agenda of all my events and different clubs I am in. My time management skills have definitely improved this past year from being a part of Mount Carmel’s swim team, a year-round swim team, PAWS club, and Student Council. I would keep myself up-to-date and informed on my week and what I need to do to prepare for it.

What are some of the things you love about Student Council that you want to maintain?

Some things I love about Student Council that I most definitely want to maintain are the feel of family and how much fun it is. Most of the people on Student Council really do enjoy it, and this is because everyone contributes to what needs to get done while also being friendly with others. We bond by going to events like LASC and GNO, and I want to keep that up.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

My goals for Student Council next year are to not only keep everyone informed of upcoming events, but also to have them contribute. I think it would be very beneficial for other Student Council members to contribute their thoughts and ideas in the weekly meetings instead of just being told what they need to get done.Many members have wonderful ideas but they sadly do not get to be heard. My goal is for everyone’s ideas to be heard and considered to improve our Student Council as a whole.

How do you spread JOY at MCA?

I spread JOY at MCA by being a good friend and listening to others. I ask Jesus for guidance in everything I do as well as in my decisions and actions. It helps me keep God in the center of my life which, in turn, betters me as a person so I can help others and make them feel truly welcome. I enjoy brightening everyone’s day and do everything I can to make that happen.

What strengths did you see in the member-at-large system this year? How will you continue to implement these strengths?

Although I was not part of the Member-At-Large system this past year, I did notice how well they were doing. They got their birthday WAPYs completed and neatly decorated the lockers. Additionally, they did a wonderful job on accucuts and got them done in a timely manner for the Class Representatives. Kahlé did an amazing job as Member-At-Large Chairlady this past year with keeping everyone organized and on top of their duties, and I will continue to implement these strengths by informing the MALs of upcoming events in enough time to prepare for them, making sure everyone is present in their specific morning shifts to get their work done, and most importantly, keeping a friendly relationship and dynamic with the MALs. They do so much for this school and for the most part work behind-the-scenes, which means they do not usually get the credit that they deserve. I want to keep their spirits up all throughout the year as well as make sure they know we appreciate everything that they do, and I would like to do this by rewarding them with treats at our meetings as well as at events like Open House. I think it is important to keep the MALs enthusiastic, and rewarding them with treats as well as leaving them enough time in the mornings to just relax and do any schoolwork they need to do is a great way to keep them excited about completing their duties.

What improvements do you envision for the member-at-large system for next year? Please give specific steps for improvement.

The Member-At-Large system this past year was already great, but if I had to improve it, I would keep the MALs organized and informed. Sometimes, there is not enough notice before big events to get everything done and not rush for it. I would make sure they are informed in enough time so that they do not stress and can still be enthusiastic about performing their duties as a MAL.