Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Alexis Alonso

Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Alexis Alonso

Why are you running for your desired positions on Student Government?

I am running for the position of Member-At-Large and Member-At-Large Chairlady to better serve MCA’s Student Council and student body by celebrating birthdays and being an active member of Student Council on a state, local, and school level.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year in your desired position? How will you go about doing so?

I want to ensure that everyone’s birthday is being celebrated at MCA. So people always feel special on their birthdays and look forward to their birthday balloons. I would like people to admire and appreciate the birthday balloons on their lockers as an important part of their celebration. I also want the Members-At-Large to enjoy their positions on the Student Council and to be positive members of MCA’s student body.

What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself and why?

I would describe myself as positive, responsible, and passionate. I try to be a positive person and put my worries in God’s hands, rather than let it affect my attitude negatively. I am responsible because if I have an obligation or commitment I want to be dedicated to that commitment and put forth a strong effort. Lastly, I am passionate, every task I complete I do to the best of my ability and with zeal.

How do you spread JOY and kindness among your peers?

I spread joy and kindness among my peers by being inclusive and welcoming to everyone. I smile at people in the halls, a simple and meaningful task to many who simply need the reminder to smile each day. I think it is important to be joyful and kind to all those you encounter because you never truly know how someone is feeling.

Why should your peers vote for you? What qualifications do you have? Are there any awards you have received?

I have many qualifications that allow me to successfully uphold the position of Member-At-Large Chairlady and Member-At-Large. These qualifications are; my two years as Member-At-Large on MCA’s Student Council, I was awarded Outstanding Member 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, I am a spirit point committee head for the 2019-2020 school year, I am an active member in WMCA 2018-2020 and Multi-Cultural Club 2019-2020. In addition, I serve on the LASC District board as Vice President for 2020-2021, I have attended the 2019 and 2020 LASC conventions and district workshops, I attended the 2019 LASC summer workshop and plan to attend the 2020 LASC summer workshop, I intend to run for LASC State Board for the office of Parliamentarian 2021-2022. Furthermore, I have been a Gym Day Cheerleader for the 2018-2019 school year and 2019-2020 school year, I also served as a small group leader for my class retreat, this year.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

A good leader does not delegate tasks that they would not complete themselves. I routinely ask for other opinions and encourage group-work skills and try to serve others using my leadership skills. During my morning shifts as a Member-At-Large, I ensure that the work is balanced and that we work efficiently to finish the balloons in an efficient and timely way.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time-consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

To better manage my time I will plan and organize my schedule to allow a proper amount of time for Executive Board commitments, extracurricular activities, school work, and social activities. I plan to manage my time to responsibly complete tasks and do assignments in a punctual manner by planning accordingly and in advance.

What are some of the things you love about the Student Council that you want to maintain?

I love the contributions the Student Council makes to MCA’s student body. I enjoy working on an event or activity that enriches the student body’s experience. For example, I enjoyed preparing and celebrating for the pink, red, and white games. As well as, celebrating the quarterly spirit point winners.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

I feel like there are a lot of disconnects between the different groups of the Student Council. Other than the Monday meetings there are not many collaborations or sharing of ideas between all the groups (Members-At-Large, Artists, Representatives, Class Presidents, and Executive Board) on the Student Council. Although I feel this year that was improved largely, I think there needs to be more opportunities for people to collaborate and improve. As a result, we could have an allotment of time at the end of meetings for activities, questions, suggestions, and collaborations. I feel that there is a disconnect between all the groups in the Student Council and we could all work more efficiently if we conspired together.

How do you spread JOY at MCA?

I spread joy at MCA by choosing to be positive and uplifting each day in my classes, meetings, in the mornings, and in the halls. To me, it is important to be happy and joyful when engaging with others so that I can share my love and positivity in the same way God does with me.

What strengths did you see in the member-at-large system this year? How will you continue to implement these strengths?

I think the member-at-large system worked very efficiently this year. For example, the “Thank You” cards that are written after meetings are very effective, as well as, a nice sense of appreciation for teachers and staff. I think there was a more organized system with the cabinet this year, and the pre-cut ballons and pre-done “Thank You” cards allowed Members-At-Large to better do their morning shifts and write the thank you’s.

What improvements do you envision for the member-at-large system for next year? Please give specific steps for improvement.

I think many improvements need to be made to the member-at-large system. I think there are plenty of disconnects between the Member-At-Large Chairlady and the Members-At-Large. To better the communication and collaboration of the Members-At-Large, I would like to set in place “picnics” or gatherings to bond and share ideas so that there are no further disconnects. Furthermore, many Members-At-Large did not enjoy their morning shifts, this past year due to the birthday W.A.P.Y.’s rather than the traditional balloons, to relieve some of that dread I plan on making the shifts on a different rotating schedule. For example, all Members-At-Large would be divided into three or four groups. Monday mornings or another decided time during the week, one of the groups would gather and make a cumulative amount of balloons for the week. The following week the next group would make a cumulative amount of balloons for that week, and so forth. With this system in place, the gatherings can be more social, welcoming, and less dreadful and the Members-At-Large would only work one shift a month.