Carmelettes, Cubettes, and Rhythm Get Their Dance On


On January 14, members of Mount Carmel’s Carmelettes, Cubettes, and Rhythm teams showcased their talents at the Show of Dances in the MCA Assembly Center by conducting a dress rehearsal to prepare themselves for competitions in the near future. Co-captains —Madison Fricke, Ainsleigh Armand, and Emily Rice—started off the evening with solo numbers, all of which were astounding and elegant. From variations of Bassey’s “Big Spender” to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the groups danced to a range of different styles of music such as jazz and hip-hop. Other soloists featured were Mallory L’Hoste, Rayanna Boasso, Sophia Merritt, Mia Gervais, Cadyn Coates, Abagail Cambre, and Emery Baudry. Of the duets, the pairs that performed were Grace Morel and Sophia Majors, Ainsleigh Armand and Emily Rice, Alex and Mallory, Mia and Brianne, and Lauren Schneider and Maddie Breaux.

Prior to the performance, I asked Freshman Alexis DeCastro about her thoughts on being a member of Cubettes in the 2018-2019 school year and a member of Carmelettes this year. In response to a question asking how Carmelettes has allowed her to express herself, Alexis responded, “Through Carmelettes, I not only have been able to become closer with other dancers like me, but I have also been able to grow in the skill I love doing.” Additionally, Alexis explained what dancing means to her: “Dancing isn’t just a form of physical activity for me. Dance to me truly is being able to express your emotions and emulate your talents through music and movement. I feel that dance can speak volumes without even saying a word.”

The Show of Dances was amazing. Thank you, Carmelettes, Cubettes, and Rhythm for your hard work and dedication to your craft. We are proud of you!