Love Life Week: Dealing With High School Stress


With Love Life Week around the corner, here are Echoes’s top 5 tips to deal with high school stress:

  1. Self-care! This can’t be expressed enough. It’s not “selfish” or “self-centered” to take time for yourself. You can use this time to catch up on much-needed sleep, eat something healthy and fresh, do yoga, read a book, or simply light a candle. The possibilities are endless! Whether your form of self-care is cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie or surrounding yourself with friends, the concept is very important and can be influential in your day-to-day mood and activity.

  2. Make a To-Do List for assignments. Personally, I find that this helps me keep track of and plan my day. By writing down everything that needs to be done that day, I can easily manage my time better so that I can do everything I need to more efficiently. Also, the satisfaction of crossing out a long list of seemingly impossible tasks is amazing. It helps me realize how productive I was.

  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. Between our academics and our social lives, we are always comparing ourselves to others. Always. Sometimes, this allows us to set goals for ourselves and achieve greatness, but, other times, it causes us to stress. Some of us compare ourselves to others so often that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. If you are ever comparing your looks, grades, personality, etc. to someone else’s, remind yourself that you’re doing it and try to realize how much you’ve already achieved. I know it’s been said a gazillion times, but “everyone else is already taken.”

  4. Authenticity! To continue on with #3, being true to yourself is very important. Whenever the concept of “being yourself” is mentioned, I think of the scene from The Notebook when Noah asks Allie “What do you want?” At that moment, Noah is asking Allie to forget about what her husband, her mother, and everyone else expects of her and to chose what she wants to do in life. We need to do the same: Forget about what others expect of us and be ourselves.

  5. Take breaks. As part of a self-care routine, you should take, on average, 15-minute breaks every hour or so of homework to refresh your brain. Our brains can’t constantly be focused on math or science or English. Every hour, take a little bit of time to grab a snack, make some tea, or catch up on that book you’ve been reading.