Who are Our New 2019-2020 Faculty? Part One

Who are the new faces around school? Raleigh Lusignan tracks down our new faculty so we can get to know them.


With eighteen new teachers, Mount Carmel students and faculty have a lot of new faces they’re seeing in the halls. Let’s get to know them! In this first edition, Echoes will feature Mr. McDougal, Ms. Rabalais, Ms. Delaune, and Mr. Williams.

Fittingly, one of Mount Carmel’s newest editions to the maths department describes himself as a “math geek.” Mr. McDougal has many talents. One, specifically, is that he can speak Korean. For six years, Mr. McDougal served in the military before settling down to teach. He says that his proudest accomplishment is raising a previously-struggling Chicago school’s math grades to the highest in the district. Mr. McDougal prefers Mount Carmel’s school system because of its focus on students and their education rather than just classroom management. Additionally, he is the moderator of the Academic Games club. When he’s not teaching, Mr. McDougal enjoys the company of his Maltipoo and his twenty-one-year-old cat. 

Mount Carmel’s positivity, warmness, and faith are what makes Ms. Rabalais, who is an alumni of MCA, so glad to be back here teaching. Currently, she is earning her Masters in Religion at Notre Dame while teaching Test Prep to sophomores here at Mount Carmel. Some of her favorite things include the color rusty orange; the season of fall; Now and Then, a teen drama from 1995; carrot cake; and To Kill a Mockingbird. Besides her Golden Doodle named Bing Crosby, Ms. Rabalais enjoys the company of her two-year-old godchild.


Another alumnus, Ms. Delaune, has returned home to teach Algebra I and Geometry. Her current projects are graduatingfrom college with her Math degree and taking care of her dog and two cats. Ms. Delaune’s favorite color is yellow because of the warm feeling it radiates. Additionally, her younger sister is currently a freshman here at Mount Carmel.



Mr. Williams, who is obviously not a Mount Carmel alumni, is proud that he can now navigate his way through the school. He is both a Dynamics of Effective Study instructor and a co-moderator of STK. Starting October 18th, STK will perform an original script of their take on Alice in Wonderland. Mr. Williams, who is involved with the show’s tech and design, enjoys the unique process of writing the script as well as the creative freedom that comes along with the prop and set design of the show. At home, Mr. Williams has the love of his three cats: Toulouse, Steve, and Linda.



We’re so excited to have them! We welcome (or welcome back!) these great new faculty members to our Mount Carmel family!