Behind the Scenes with WMCA!

Behind the Friday broadcast is a lot of hard work and determination. Writer Mariella Smith takes a look at what makes WMCA so special!


Have you ever wondered what happens behind the cameras at the WMCA news studio? Do you wish you knew what went on behind the scenes of the WMCA club? Well, I went to the WMCA studio to find out exactly what makes WMCA.

First, I asked members why they joined WMCA.

“I’ve always seen WMCA on Fridays, and I thought to myself, ‘What if I was the one behind that camera?’ I decided to join, and I have loved it ever since,” one student told me. “I love the idea of WMCA. When I was a WMCA anchor at Open House, I realized that it was something that I wanted to do, and I am so happy I made this decision,” another said. The members of WMCA seem to really enjoy their club.

Next, I asked the Moderators why WMCA is important to them.

“Both of us were news reporters. Mr. Rodriguez from Venezuela and I was one here. We decided that we could train people who were interested in newscasting right here, at Mount Carmel,” Mr. Naquin answered. The moderators of WMCA work tirelessly to help students better understand the world of newscasting and reporting and to pursue their talents.

If you enjoy newscasting, reporting, or being behind the scenes of a tv production, WMCA is the club for you! Not only does WMCA have moderators that help students pursue their talents and passions in the field of newscasting and television production, but the members love what they are doing and have created a community of hardworking individuals!