Life of a Cub

Eighth grade can be a little scary… but so exciting! Avery Wicker offers insight into her first year as a cub at MCA. Please welcome her to MCA and the Echoes writing staff!


It seems daunting at first: new school, new people, and new teachers, but to say the least, Mount Carmel was scary only for about 15 minutes.

My morning is pretty good, and it is only “pretty” good because getting up is so hard.  Every morning, I see people with frozen hot chocolates, iced coffees, and caramel Frappuccinos from Cafe Campbell, and my mouth waters, reminding me of how lucky I feel to be at a school that has good food.

Coming from a school with seven 45-minute classes every day, having only four was a relief, and even though they are 75-minutes, my classes go by faster than my old ones!  Every teacher makes class fun in their own unique way, and I feel more excited to learn.

Lunch is my favorite part of the day.  I love having multiple options for lunch, and I always think the food is so good!

My workload is just right: not too little to where I feel I am not being challenged and not too much to where I feel like I am drowning.

Also, I play tennis every day after school, and I have found that I do not have to compromise too much to be able to play sports and do my homework.  It is easy to balance both things at once without becoming behind in school.

Overall, my switch to MCA has been a smooth transition with no bumps in the road, and I could not be happier that I chose to go to this school!