From the Editor: Senior Reflection


Senior Audrey Reynaud has been an Echoes writer for three years, and this is her second year as Editor-in-Chief. We can’t wait to see what the rest of her senior year will bring! She opens the year looking back at her time at MCA. Read on…

Picture this: a 12 year old girl with a bad haircut going to her first day of high school. There are people everywhere and classrooms are all over the place. She doesn’t know many people and has butterflies in her stomach.

Speaking of butterflies, she’s a baby butterfly at Mount Carmel Academy. She doesn’t really understand what that means; she just understands that she is going to grow up to be a butterfly. Little does she know, those years of high school will fly by and that butterfly legacy will mean the world to her.

That girl is me. Four years ago I was a 12 year old girl with a bad haircut starting at a new school. This year, I’m proudly repping a tan sweater and a senior ring. 

My time at Mount Carmel has flown by in the blink of an eye and the beginning of my senior year has made me reflect on my memories from Mount Carmel. The sisterhood here has always kept my heart warm, and the friends I have made will last me a lifetime. The teachers here have made an impact on who I am as a person, and the courses have helped me learn to stay steadfast in my studies.

The Spirit Days, Gym Days, and chicken tender Tuesdays will always hold a special place in my heart. As I am beginning my last year here, I realize that the memories I have made at Mount Carmel are irreplaceable and that the Carmel spirit will forever be in my heart.

Welcome back, Cubs! It’s going to be a great year!