Getting to Know MCA


Welcome back to a new school year! Senior Madeleine Serio wrote about getting to know Mount Carmel and the value of a Mount Carmel education (both the educational worth and the spiritual values!) for the Clarion Herald. As she looks forward to her graduation, she looks back at the passion MCA has sparked! Read about it below…

What does it feel like to get a strong education for both the head and heart? For many, a strong student just has the capacity for mental exertion and endurance. However, a truly thorough education does more than enrich student minds; it empowers hearts as well! Spirituality shines brightly and warmly throughout the halls of Mount Carmel Academy helping students discover their inner strengths. From rebounding after Katrina to paving the way for future students to come, Mount Carmel radiates a beautiful motivating force focused on building a promising future for each and every student. While every Mount Carmel students will pursue her own unique path in life, our promising futures begin here with a well-rounded mind and soul. Through our school’s leadership—along with the amazing faculty and staff—Mount Carmel Academy showcases each student guiding her through an academic journey that also includes an intimate relationship with Christ and lifelong sisterhood bonds which unite us together.

Mount Carmel provides students with the most caring and driven teachers who strive to educate the future women of this world’s society to the very best of their ability. Each student’s personal academic journey is different, yet all are upheld to really feel they have the same value and importance. Every student is given room to dream and grow. Students passionate about art can pursue 3D Animation or select more challenging art courses, while students dreaming of a nursing career can get a taste of their futures through the Anatomy and Physiology elective. Through positive yet constructive criticism, students are able to find the strength to accept their mistakes and learn from them to improve in the future. We learn that a growth mindset empowers students to face setbacks with courage, seeing them as steps along the process rather than the end of the process. We gain resilience and academic persistence, while our teachers show strong dedication by never giving up on us. Mount Carmel’s faculty truly wants to see their students thrive within their education, and they hope to spark a love of learning in us along the way. For example, one of my favorite class experiences was Advanced Placement European History because tracing royal lineages while making connections to their historical impact was fascinating. I’ve always loved history, but I didn’t realize how much I would love seeing how these different royal families and figures shaped the European world for centuries. Getting to take this class at Mount Carmel sparked my interest into a passion.

Mount Carmel sets students up for a successful future not only by building our minds but also by building a strong relationship with Christ and emphasizing the importance of a warm and trusting faith. The school’s religion classes cover Catholic faith from the history of our very own Carmelites to an explanation of each sacrament. But in addition to this, Mount Carmel also fosters the importance of acceptance of others and their religions. It takes a wise person to accept others for their differences and understand that accepted differences are what makes the world go ‘round. As the years go by, we have seen the world become a harsher and scarier place, and we need more acceptance and love. For some, it can be frightening to admit any faith whether they are Muslim, or Hindu, or Catholic, but at Mount Carmel, students are empowered to claim their faith as their own. Through our masses, daily rosary, and prayer time within classes, the young women of Mount Carmel are given the perfect opportunity to grow in our faith. By continuing this road to growth and acceptance of faith, Mount Carmel Academy leads its students in the right direction to creating a more loving world.

While personal empowerment is important, students find so much joy and strength in our community bonds. As an all-girls school, Mount Carmel provides the opportunity to make lifelong friends and become part of a sisterhood. Through multiple events that show the student body’s unmatched spirit, the girls grow together socially and find their sense of belonging. Spirit Day allows each grade to come together as a family and perform for the rest of the school to show what they are made of. The girls of Mount Carmel Academy deeply look forward to their class’s special day where we all put on costumes and feel pure unity with their class dancing and chanting cheers we have all worked so hard to create and memorize. Gym Day creates a similar atmosphere full of school pride and love for each other as the whole school comes together for a few hours of relaxation and fun. Gym Day allows for the entire student body to share in the feeling of excitement watching all the classes compete in volleyball games (including against the faculty!), watching the faculty compete in silly games, and coming together to put on a class skit performance. Mount Carmel also hosts multiple dances for students to purely enjoy our time together and make as many memories as possible. Academics are incredibly important, but so are cultivating friendships and memories. Students at Mount Carmel arrive in between childhood and adulthood, a time where people are figuring out who they are and who they want to surround themselves with. Mount Carmel Academy understands the importance of that and helps its students grow as a sisterhood. 

As time goes on, things change and transform for the better. Mount Carmel has adapted to the newest technology with the construction of the Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab where students can design and print with 3D printers. Each student also has her own Macbook Air to take notes, take tests and quizzes, and conduct research. Mount Carmel has also recently purchased the Mother House to expand locations for future classrooms. Mount Carmel Academy is always thinking about the students of the present and future and creates an empowering, enriching environment that produces strong women of academics, faith, and sisterhood.