To Future Juniors

Reagan Laird reflects on her junior year and offers rising students advice.


I believe I speak for not only myself but also everyone in my class when I say that this has been a very complex year. Over the course of Junior year I have learned so much about myself and other people. To all of those students coming into Junior year either next year or further down the line, I have some advice that I hope can help you out in the long run.

I guess I did not take everyone seriously when everyone said this year is the hardest academically! There are a lot of projects and new materials being assigned every class. I know a lot of my advice may sound like common sense but I really hope that you take my words into consideration.

Just take everything one step at a time and pace yourself. Keep yourself motivated to get through the week. Sometimes you have to put yourself and mental health before your school work. Talk to your teachers and let them get to know you. Ask questions when you are confused because you want to understand the information before it’s too late. Be nice to everyone in your classes because they may be able to help you out, as well as the other way around. True moments of friendship come out when you are hopelessly confused and someone offers their help. Make sure to do your physics homework every single time that it is assigned because if not then you will be left utterly lost during the next class. Go to other teachers in the same department if you cannot meet with your own teacher. Having a tutor is very beneficial to any classes you feel that you are struggling in, there are many people that can tell you how to get in contact with the best tutors.

If you are close with any seniors make sure that you value the time you have left together at school. I am going to truly miss my friends who are going away to college next year. Stop and appreciate the little wins that you have throughout the year. Always try your best at everything you do, even if the outcome is not great you can be at peace with the fact that you did all that you could. Learn from your mistakes and forgive others for theirs. Remember that everyone is dealing with something whether they show it or not, so just be there for your friends and even for the people you aren’t super close with.

Overall, I hope that this helps and have faith in yourself and God. Don’t give up, the best is yet to come!