Profiling MCA’s New Faculty 2018-2019! Part Three


Do you play tennis? Ms. Wainwright, one of Mount Carmel’s newest religion instructors, is an avid player and is also the coach of our school’s tennis team. When she isn’t practicing, she is studying for her Master’s degree in theology, and her favorite aspect of Mount Carmel is the spirituality of the student body. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is her favorite story from the Bible.

If you witnessed the Teacher One-Act put on by the faculty here at Mount Carmel earlier in the year, then you already know Mr. Naquin. Even though this was his first play, it is not his first time in front of an audience. Before coming to work here, he worked in broadcasting as an interviewer for a news station. When he isn’t assisting with WMCA or tending to his duties at Mount Carmel, he hangs out with his beagle Scarlet and his Yorkie T. Bone. Reflecting his peppy personality, his favorite color is yellow because it displays happiness.

Ms. Dillman may be known to you as your physical science teacher or as your sponsor in Academic Games. She participated in Quiz Bowl as a student and has eight cats! Her favorite thing about Mount Carmel so far has been the respectful and well-behaved atmosphere her students portray as well as the culture of the school.

In high school, Ms. Morere participated in basketball, swimming, and softball. Now, she is a Mount Carmel coach and rides horseback when time allows. Her favorite thing about Mount Carmel so far has been the family displayed throughout the student body and staff members. She likes Breakfast for Lunch as well as her Yorkie Tucker and her cat Princess.

Did you know Mr. Duensing built his own computer? Among this, his other hobbies include hanging out with his two dogs Luna and Arwen. His favorite thing about Mount Carmel so far has been the rotating schedule. From this, his days can remain fresh and interesting. His favorite musical as of late is Tony award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Hunting, fishing, and cooking are Mr. Helmstetter’s go-to hobbies. He is the Academic Administrative Assistant here at Mount Carmel in addition to being a Dynamics of Effective Study teacher. In high school, he participated in football and track and was the president of the Student Council. His favorite highlight of the school so far has been the students’ respect and eagerness to learn.