Candidate for Treasurer: Alexis Thibodeaux


Why are you running for your desired positions on Student Government?

I am running for Executive Board Treasurer because I want to be able to use my leadership skills to help out everyone in the school. Being on Executive Board has been my dream since I was in 8th grade. I want to be able to help out everyone and make sure everyone’s wants/needs are heard. I am also running for representative so I can help show my creativity through the bulletin boards. I am very passionate about Student Council. I love the sense of sisterhood with the organization. Being a member of Student Government gives me a sense of satisfaction in knowing that what I do helps Mount Carmel run efficiently.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year in your desired position? How will you go about doing so?

As an Eboard member, my goal for this year is to recognize all the hard work and dedication that goes on “behind the scenes” that help make all of our events successful. There are a number of students that arrive early to blow up balloons, give up their lunch/IS to make name tags, decorate bulletin boards, or anything else needed for Student Council. I would like to work with other Eboard members to facilitate an award system for these students. It is my goal next year, to recognize the girls that go unnoticed.

What is your favorite thing about Mount Carmel?

My favorite thing about Mount Carmel is the sisterhood and preparation for life after high school. Throughout my years at Mount Carmel Academy, I have grown closer to God and my fellow students. We are like one big family and family is very important to me. In Student Council specifically, I have personally felt that sense of sisterhood due to how close this organization is and the passion students have for this club. I also love how Mount Carmel challenges us everyday to better ourselves and become more independent as we prepare to take the next steps in life.

How do you act as a positive example to other students at MCA?

Simply by listening and being there for others. I believe if you listen to your fellow students, that makes them happy. You never know what may be going on in someone’s life. To me, the best way to be there for someone is just simply listen. In my life, I always put God first, my peers second, and myself third. My number one priority in life will always be God and I believe that God is the light in our lives. By putting others before myself, it not only makes them feel valued and happy, but it also makes me feel as though I am helping make a change in someone’s life.

Why should your peers vote for you? What qualifications do you have? Are there any awards you have received?

I believe that my peers should vote for me because I am a good listener, my commitment to the school, my organizational skills, and my determination. I have consistently received Principal’s Honor roll at MCA. I have also been awarded an Outstanding Member award for Student Council. My ears are open to any new ideas or even if someone just needs to talk. I will make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and taken into consideration. I am also very committed to Mount Carmel. I have been involved in Student Government and WMCA for the past 4 years. Also, I have been a part of National Honor Society and Teens for Life for the past year. I am a very organized person and make sure that everything gets done in a timely fashion. As your Treasurer, I will make sure that all money that goes through Student Council is organized and accounted for. I am very determined to get all my of required duties done and then some. My priority is to make next year a smooth one for all and definitely one to remember.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

I believe I embody the term “servant leader” because I take into consideration everyone’s opinions so that no one feels left behind. When I was a group leader for SLR, we worked as a team by contributing ideas. As the group leader, I listened to everyone’s ideas and tried to collaborate the ideas so that we could work together to get through each activity. I would take this same skill as a “servant leader” to Student Council to help facilitate different functions that Mount Carmel puts on.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

If elected as Treasurer, I will plan my life around Student Government. I will always keep my education and family first, but I will make time for everything with Executive Board. I am fully committed to Student Council because I love being a part of this club and helping serve my fellow classmates. I always make a schedule of my month to make sure I stay on track. This schedule keeps me focused on what I need to do and gives me the ability to keep track of my time. I have the time management and organization skills which will help make me a strong Executive Board member.

What are some of the things you love about Student Council that you want to maintain?

Some of the things I love most about Student Council are Back to Brown Bash, SLR, and Cub Crusader Clash. I want not only keep these events, but expand on them as well. Back to Brown Bash is an event that brings all of the grades together in the beginning of the year to help welcome back all of the girls. I want to help promote this event so that more people will be excited about it and want to come. SLR is one of the highlights of my year. Next year, I want to bring in new ideas for games that people may not have played before. I love how this event brings girls closer by sleeping at school and really improving on our leadership skills. The last event that I always can’t wait for is Cub Crusader Clash. I love when we come together with Brother Martin to play games and have a wonderful time. With this event, I want to maintain the grade level games, but make them more challenging to intensify the competition. Overall, I love everything within Student Council and plan on expanding what is already in placed.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

My goal for next year is to expand on what this year’s Executive Board has already done with getting students involved in events at school. I feel that opening up more games and other events will increase student attendance. Since there is a limited amount of events for students to go to it can be hard for them to attend. Also giving out more incentives will give students a reward for going and support their school. Another aspect of Student Council I would like to accomplish is getting girls who are not in the this club involved. Getting girls to help out with Student Council events or attending some meetings will make them feel a part of Student Council without having to be fully committed. Some girls may not have the time to be fully committed to Student Council, but allowing them to be involved in our events will give them a sense of Student Council.

How do you spread JOY at MCA?

 In the four years I have been at Mount Carmel, one of the things I have learned is a saying by a very wise lady. That saying is “Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love until you give it away.” I firmly believe in this saying. As children of Jesus, we must give our love to others to show them that they are important. By being a caring, loving and kind person I feel that I live the saying everyday. If someone is having a bad day, simply saying hello may brighten their day. A small gesture such as a smile can make someone’s heart a little lighter. I try everyday to make someone’s day better than it started. A silly joke that makes someone laugh lets me know that just for the few seconds she was laughing made her day better. That is how I feel I help spread JOY around MCA.