Candidate for Vice President: Mackenzie Breaux


Why are you running for your desired positions on Student Government?

I am running for Student Government Vice President and Homeroom Representative because I want to give my voice and make a difference in our school. I have been a Homeroom Representative for the past two years and I have served as a public relations committee head for one year. As Homeroom Representative, I like to bring a positive attitude into my homeroom to make a comfortable environment for everyone. I love to keep my homeroom up to date with current events and special activities to get students involved with our school. I want to expand my talents as a Representative towards the Executive Board and bring my ideas to the table. I believe that with my hard work and dedication, I can bring my creativity to life in contribution to Executive Board as Vice President.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year in your desired position? How will you go about doing so?

One thing I want to accomplish this year as Vice President and Homeroom Representative is a better connection between Student Government and the students of Mount Carmel. As a Representative, I want to continue to involve my homeroom on what is going on around our school and how Student Council is taking control of the situations and events. As Vice President, I want to be the voice for our students. I want to be the friendly face for our incoming eighth grade and a defender for our current students. I promise to always be available to any student to listen to their ideas and opinions. Student Government could not strive without the support from its student body and I believe that together, we can make our school a better place.

What is your favorite thing about Mount Carmel?

My favorite thing about Mount Carmel is the spirituality throughout the school. To me, the spirit of Mount Carmel is shown through sisterhood and the presence of God in every Mount Carmel girl. The spirit of sisterhood is brought to life not only within Mount Carmel, but aslo to our outside world as well. This sisterhood creates a bond between every girl that has or will be considered a Cub. Through my position on Student Government, I want to spread this bond and profess my love of the spirit of carmel for Mount Carmel students.

How do you act as a positive example to other students at MCA?

I believe that I am a positive example to other students at Mount Carmel because I like to see the brighter side of any situation. In times of trouble or need, I aspire to be there to serve as a positive voice to tell others that they can achieve their goals. Additionally, I see myself as a positive example to others because I am extremely hard working. I put any task that I have on the top of my list and I am not afraid of a little challenge. No matter the job, I am up to face it head on and give it my all. I believe that through courage and diligence, no job is impossible. I want to spread this attitude to every student at Mount Carmel through my position on Student Government.

Why should your peers vote for you? What qualifications do you have? Are there any awards you have received?

My peers should vote for me because I have the time to give 100% of my hard work and dedication to our school and to my position on Student Government. Leadership is the quality that I continue to strive for and achieve as I am doing my part for Student Council. With my commitment, persistence, and positive attitude, I am sure to be a leader and guide for others. Also, I am very open minded and I like to work towards new and different possibilities in any situation. I have no problem taking in ideas from others and I will put my best foot forward to make sure of the best outcome possible. As a representative, I have received accolades for my bulletin board for two consecutive semesters. I have been chosen by my counselor to speak for the eighth grade panel and provide my experiences and encouragement to other students. My greatest award received is being a part of the Student Government family and working hard to serve my peers and act as a positive example to other students.

How do you embody the term “servant leader”? Be specific about your contributions both in Student Council and at MCA in general.

To me, the term “servant leader” means to lead others as I walk by their side, guiding them to the best path for them. I always strive to put others needs before my own and inspire them to find what is best for them. Within Student Council, I always give my time to tend to the needs of others with any help that I can contribute. Through Mount Carmel, I strive to be a helping hand to anyone in need. I love to give my opinions and help others through difficult times while in the end, leading them to wherever God calls them.

Recognizing that MCA’s Executive Board is extremely time consuming, how do you plan to manage your time next year if you win? Be specific about your strategies for time management.

I have always been one to be incredibly organized and I work very well with time management. I do recognize that holding a position on Executive Board is extremely time consuming and I am up for the task! As I stated earlier, I am confident in myself and I am not afraid of any challenge. I will be very strategic with my time management by never leaving a task unfinished and by completing a job as soon as it is handed to me. I believe that I am the only one who is willing to put in all of my time and dedication to make sure that each job for my position is prioritized and held above all else. With my confidence, extreme organization, and dedication to work, I feel that I am best for the position as Vice President.

What are some of the things you love about Student Council that you want to maintain?

The thing I love most about Student Council is the sense of family and professionalism that this organization brings me. I am immensely proud to wear a Student Government Oxford and Bow and be a part of the Student Council family. I want to maintain this sentiment through my position as Vice President and share it with those who feel the same.

What goals do you have for Student Council next year? How do you think we can accomplish those goals?

My dream for Student Council next year is to bring about a closer connection between Student Government and the students of Mount Carmel. As vice president, I want to work with my Executive Board to be the voice for the student body of Mount Carmel. With prayers for patience, I believe that we, as Executive Board, can work towards common goals for our students. I vow to be available to any student who wants to give their ideas and opinions and take those to create a fun and fresh face for the Mount Carmel Student Government.

How do you spread JOY at MCA?

To me, JOY means more than Jesus, Others, and Yourself. JOY to me means acting as Jesus would to others by spreading kindness. I have always seen myself as the kind to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I love to help my peers through any circumstance where they feel as if they have lost their way. I have always been the shoulder to cry on and the hand to help you back up again when life gets rough. Through prayers and my strong faith, I know that when I help others, Jesus is working through me. By this, I believe that my calling from God is to help and serve others through his will. I strongly believe that when you keep Jesus above all else, you are sure to follow his word and spread joy.