Echoes Reviews: Us


Do you like scary movies? Then the new horror film Us might be something to go and see in theatres. This thriller was directed and produced by Jordan Peele and was just released on March 22nd. The box office has already made millions on this movie and is still rising in the numbers.

The movie starts in the year of 1986 on a young girl’s birthday and an ad to stop world hunger is playing on the television. The logo for the ad is red cutout figures of people holding hands around the world, which is important to remember for later on in the movie. So to celebrate the girl’s birthday, she is brought to Santa Cruz beach at night to have fun. She wanders off from her parents and goes into a mysterious carnival house with mirrors inside. With the reflection from the mirrors she sees herself…but it actually may be someone else. As she grows older, she and her family return, not knowing that her PTSD will return, or that reflection from the mirror. Her family then gets faced with the same issues as well  as everyone nearby. This is only the start of the on-the edge movie and it just gets even better.

Filled with mystery and twist and turns, Us will keep you on your toes! See this exciting movie at a local theatre near you to find out what happens next!