Review: Battle of the King Cakes!


As Mardi Gras season is approaching, stuffing our faces with king cake is too. There are so many king cakes to choose from how is someone supposed to find the king cake that satisfies his or her needs. Luckily, I have found some of the best king cakes around the city. Read on to hear about the best king cakes across New Orleans!

Manny Randazzo

The first king cake I tried is probably one of the most famous king cakes that has ever existed in New Orleans. This king cake is made by a family business named Manny Randazzo. The king cake is baked to have a soft dough that is coated with a sweet, thick icing. The soft dough and sweet icing combined create a satisfying taste that will leave your mouth watering.


Dong Phuong

This king cake is fairly new and is from a Vietnamese bakery in New Orleans East called Dong Phuong. Though it does not havequite as long a tradition as Randazzo, it is becoming incredibly popular. A Dong Phuong king cake is not like your traditional king cake; it is more of a pastry. The cake tastes very good, but it is quite unique. It tastes like a sweet bread with creamy icing and sprinkles. Although this cake is different, I recommend eating a slice before the season ends.


La Louisiane

This is a brioche king cake is from a bakery in New Orleans called La Louisiane. This king cake has cooked bread as its base with nice creamy icing on top. This king cake is more like a cake than a cinnamon roll, but it leaves a nice fulfilling taste once eaten. It has a nice traditional but different taste that will have you devour the entire king cake because a slice is never enough. If you are ever looking for a new king cake to try this is definitely the king cake you want to get. La Louisiane doesn’t have a physical location, but these king cakes can be purchased at Robert.