Doin’ It Smaller: Anthony Davis to Leave Pelicans?


Since Pelicans power forward and center Anthony Davis has announced his desire to be traded to another NBA team, what does that mean for the Pelicans?

Instead of saying “Do It Bigger,” Pels fans are thinking that we are “Doin’ It Smaller.” Even though Davis will be a free agent in July 2020, he wants to leave now. He believes his chance of consistently winning games and ultimately winning a championship are not within reach if he stays in NOLA.

Even though the trade deadline has passed and Davis is still on the team, the Pelicans have lost their morale. After having the worst game of the season on Tuesday February 12, 2019 against the Orlando Magic, the Pelicans do not have a bright future ahead of them. With fifteen home games left, will the Pelicans be able to put their emotions aside and bounce back from this slump?