An Interview with Lorraine Steigner, Frosh Queen

On the night of February 15th, the ninth grade had the time of their lives at the Frosh Queen Dance. Towards the end of thedance, Lorraine Steigner was named the Frosh Queen!

When you were called for the nomination, how did you feel about it?

★ It was a pretty crazy feeling. Some people told me they nominated me, and that was exciting in and of itself, but there are so many great girls in our class I didn’t want to get my hopes up. And then when they announced my name amongst the nominees, so many people cheered. I had a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever have words to describe. The fact that so many classmates thought I was worthy of being nominated just blew me away.

Since this is such an honor to be queen, what special characteristic about yourself do you think stood out to others, that made them nominate you for frosh queen?

★ That’s a hard question to answer— I don’t think there’s always one particular reason for a nomination. But I try to be kind, and gracious, and I try to extend love to everyone. I like to think that people noticed that, and that’s why they nominated me. Honestly, all the nominees are nice, hard-working girls who make contributions to our class, so it was truly humbling to be included in such a wonderful group.

How did you feel when you were called up to stage announced the queen of frosh?

★ It’s a hard feeling to describe- it felt like my heart was bursting at the seams, and like all my nervous energy had been turned to joy. I was so overwhelmed by all the support everyone had shown me— even the nomination felt a little like a fever dream— so being announced queen was even more surreal. I love Mount Carmel so much; it is a true honor to feel loved in return in such a special way.

Congratulations, Lorraine! We are proud of you!