(Girls) Run the World: Women in Politics


Women are getting involved in politics like never before. According to Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics, 23.7% of Congress seats are filled by women, including 43 colored women. The number of women governors have gone up from 6 to 9 since 2018, a record number. Women also hold 28.6% of the state legislator seats with a whopping 2,112 women working. They even have a direct breakdown state by state of women in office, past and present. Check out Louisiana’s numbers here.

These are just a few records of women paving the way in politics, and setting an example for other girls and women to do the same. Rutger’s CAWPS gives updates on women’s participation in government, and ways to learn more about this political women’s movement. Their overall goal is to enhance women influence and leadership in society. They promote greater knowledge and understanding of the women’s role in our current government. CAWPS provide education and outreach programs, translate research findings into action, address women’s under-representation in political leadership, and give imaginative program serving to a variety of audiences.

CAWPS acknowledges the very important roles women play in politics. If you are interested in pursuing a political path, check out their website! As you can see by looking at Louisiana’s data, we still have a way to go! One day, maybe it will be your name on the list.