Freshmen Pick the Frosh Queen Nominees & Court


On the night of February 15th, the ninth grade had the time of their lives at the Frosh Queen Dance. Towards the end of the dance, the nominees for Frosh Queen were introduced.

The nominees included: Jillian Bruno, Ella Clouatre, Molly Clouatre, Tatum Clouatre, Olivia Edler, Mia Formaster, Lorraine Steigner, Taylor Stokes, Abby Tarleton, Grace Villarrubia, Paige Vu, Shelby Wahl, Grace Williams, and last, but not least, Alexis Yuratich. Although some did not make it on court, it is a great honor to even be nominated. We are proud of you!

The maids were Jillian Bruno, Ella Clouatre, Molly Clouatre, Mia Foremaster, Paige Vu, Grace Williams, and Alexis Yuratich. The Frosh Queen was the beautiful and kindhearted Lorraine Steigner! This was a night to never forget for the court and queen, as well as I.

Echoes asked some of the maids and the Frosh Queen some questions about their experience! Keep reading to hear their answers.

Before you knew that you even made it on the court, how did you feel when your name was called out for a nomination?

Jillian Bruno ★ When I heard that I was nominated for court I was honestly shocked and I didn’t expect it at all! It was such an honor to know that my classmates thought enough of me to nominate me for such a big thing.

Grace Williams ★ When my name was called out as a nominee for the 2019 frosh queen court, I was extremely shocked. I was so proud of myself and I was proud of all my friends that were chosen.

Mia Foremaster ★ When Ms. Simno called my name after the assembly, I was so shocked! I felt honored knowing that out of 250 girls, my classmates voted for me to be a nominee.

Alexis Yuratich ★ When my name was called for the nomination, I was very excited. All I thought about was no matter who wins the grade still choose me to become part of this nomination. This was exciting because I stood out to the grade with my personality and hard work.

Molly Clouatre ★ I felt so honored that anyone in our class would even think of me for something as special as this.

Ella Clouatre ★ When my name was called out for a nomination it made me feel so honored that my class chose me for a nominee on court and I was very surprised when I heard my name, my sister’s name, and my cousin’s name all nominated at once!

Since this is such an honor to be on the court, what special characteristic about yourself do you think stood out to others, that made them nominate you?

Jillian Bruno ★ I think the fact that I try to talk to everyone and make everyone feel included made people nominate me but honestly I have no idea!

Grace Williams ★ A few characteristics of myself are that I am very hard working and very caring. I try to put myself before others and try to always listen to what others have to say. I always think that listening to someone and hearing about their life instead of talking about yourself is a great characteristic.

Mia Foremaster ★ I think that the special characteristic that made me stand out is my ability to be a leader. Since I am on board, I have had to stand up in front of my class to talk to them about things regarding spirit day and gym day.

Alexis Yuratich ★ My personality.

Molly Clouatre ★ I think my personality may have made people nominate me. I like to think I’m a

very open person, and I care a lot about other people’s feelings.

Ella Clouatre ★ I believe due to my bubbly and energetic personality, the grade chose me to be on court. I think that also, the happiness as little as a smile can go a long way and this could have also been a reason for why I was nominated.

How did you feel when you were called up to stage for court?

Jillian Bruno ★ When I was called on stage for court I was so happy and honored that my classmates chose me to represent their class.

Grace Williams ★ Before the court names were called out I was really nervous. I had told myself to not be upset if my name was not called and that I should be happy that I was nominated. When they called my name, I was extremely happy. I was overcome with joy and relief, and I was so grateful to be up there with the rest of the 2019 frosh queen court.

Mia Foremaster ★ I was so surprised and astounded when Ms. Simno called my name again but this time, it was for Frosh Court. I was the last girl to get called before the queen was announced and started to lose hope when I noticed that there was only one chair left! I once again felt honored to be one of the seven girls elected by my class to be on Frosh Court.

Alexis Yuratich ★ I was very nervous but excited at the same time.

Molly Clouatre ★ When Ms. Simno called my name I was really shocked. I honestly didn’t think I’d get on court, but I’m very grateful that I did.

Ella Clouatre ★As I as called to be on stage for court, I felt that my class really must have appreciated me, due to this being such a big honor. I was nervous and genuinely appreciative at the fact that my class chose me to be one of the maids on court.

Congratulations to our nominees, maids, and the Frosh Queen! We are proud of you! Click through a gallery of all our amazing nominees below: