Thankful for a Carmelite Education: Reflections from Students

Our students reflect on the value of the Carmelite education they’re receiving here at Mount Carmel.


Sophia Sonnier, Class of 2023:

Having the gift of Carmelite education has been a blessing for me. I am fortunate enough to not only go to a very academic and athletic school, but also a Carmelite school. Being able to pray multiple times a day with my peers gives me a deeper connection to them, and I look forward to the decade of the rosary we pray every day. I am so happy that I go to a school that lets me become more involved with my faith and my relationship with Jesus. If I were to go to a public school I would not have the opportunities to grow in my faith that I have at Mount Carmel, which is why I am so lucky to have a Catholic education.

Ella Clouatre, Class of 2022:

Mount Carmel Academy is a school that automatically brings you closer to the Lord and increases your faith, love, and admiration one has for God. This school is filled with spirituality and that is what gives Mount Carmel the joyous nature that it is filled with. When you walk down the halls you feel welcomed by many faces, new and old, and know that this is God taking place in your everyday life through the kindness others show here. The teachers that you have each day are also extremely kind and are willing to help students, which is another way God is taking place in your life every day at Mount Carmel. This kindheartedness and spirituality of Mount Carmel are not just shown through the actions of others around you, but as well as inside of the two chapels on the campus that allow you to connect with God spiritually one on one. From experience, I know what it is like to have God in my everyday life at Mount Carmel Academy and it has brought me even closer to the Lord.

Reagan Laird, Class of 2020:

Carmelite education has taught me a lot and I am very thankful for the people that I have met and learned from here at Mount Carmel Academy. The Carmelite saint St. Teresa of Avila is one of my favorite saints that we have learned about. I have a lot of issues with my health so I felt like I could relate to her in that aspect; she worked through her sicknesses and trusted that God would carry her through everything. Another Carmelite who has impacted my life is the late Sister Rose M. Penouilh O. Carm. from Mount Carmel. When she was here with us, she always spread her kindness and happiness. I looked forward to seeing her sweet smile while walking through the first building to class. Sister Rose would always ask me how my day was going and tell me that she was praying for me. Talking with her always warmed my heart and made me feel more confident about getting through the day. We all miss her, but I know that she is with God watching over us each day. I am extremely thankful that I have had the privilege of learning the Carmelite way of life. As our alma mater says, “as women we go,” I truly am proud to one day graduate from here as a beneficiary of Carmelite education.

Audrey Reynaud, Class of 2020:

There aren’t many words I could use to describe how grateful I am for the faith-filled education Mount Carmel has provided me with. Mount Carmel has surrounded me with prayer and love and it has brought me so much closer to God throughout the year. The Carmelite spirituality that I am constantly surrounded with has taught me to be giving and to love. Carmelite spirituality stands out because I view Carmelites as having a constant thirst and hunger for God. I am beyond glad and beyond grateful that Mount Carmel Academy has allowed me to dive deeper into my faith and see the Carmelite faith at work right in front of me.