Humble of Heart: Gym Day 2019


On Friday, January 11 the big day had finally arrived. The entire school has been preparing for GYM DAY—a day of games and spirited fun. The day began with a prayer centering on the theme HUMBLE OF HEART, a theme that the girls would emulate throughout all the activities of the day.  

At the magic hour of 12:15 the fun began with the senior entrance—always a mixture of “old and new” dance moves and lots of laughs. Volleyball games were next, and what a competition it was. Then came the MAIN event—the skits—followed by the junior singing to the seniors, and the seniors singing their class song. Now it was time for the teachers to take the stage with Faculty Follies. Comic relief was provided as teachers competed in a variety of entertaining games and worked ridiculously hard to help their respective grades win.  This activity filled the Assembly Center with almost non-stop screaming from the girls….

Then the moment of truth…

The Awards…

GYM DAY 2019

FACULTY FOLLIES                                           CLASS OF  2020
VOLLEYBALL                                                    CLASS OF   2022                                                   
ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL                                   CLASS OF  2023
BANNER                                                            CLASS OF   2021                                                    
STANDS                                                             CLASS OF   2020                                                       
CHEERLEADER/MASCOT                                CLASS OF    2019                                                      
SKIT RUNNER UP                                            CLASS OF    2021                                                  
SKIT                                                                  CLASS OF     2020                                                   
SPIRIT-VBALL GAMES                                     CLASS OF    2020                                                       
SPIRIT DAY RUNNER UP CLASS OF    2020                                                   
SPIRIT DAY                                                       CLASS OF   2019                                                       
CARMEL CUP RACE -100% registered                                       CLASS OF  2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
CARMEL CUP RACE    -most people registered                                      CLASS OF  2022                           
CARMEL CUP RACE   -most people at race                                     CLASS OF  2019                    
CARMEL CUP RACE   -champions                                       CLASS OF  2019                         


The themes for the day:

12th Grade Ragdolls: Winnie the Pooh and “The Humble Acre Woods”

11th Grade Butterflies: Mary Poppins Rewrites the Stars

10th Grade Pink Panthers: “Humble Livin’ Had Me a Blast!”  

9th Grade Fais Do Do Freshmen: Sesame Street and Our Humble Home

8th Grade: The Grinch

Special thank you to our JUDGES!

Glenda Rhode-Pausina

Alyssa Cresson Bowers

Mary Elizabeth DeRouen

Laura Rabito

Megan D’Antonio

Paulette Lizano

Danielle Tavan

Ashley Fiore Norton

JoAnn Hymel

Casie Blount Federico

Katie Landry

Kacie Bailey

Savannah Gray

Chelsea Ward

Kelly Oser

Laine Culotta

Rebecca Hosen Wingrave

Miranda Camet