Profiling MCA’s New Faculty 2018-2019! Part One

Echoes welcomes our newest MCA faculty members to our community!


Have you ever heard of the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? That was the book that inspired one of Mount Carmel’s newest English teachers, Ms. Waguespack, to start teaching. She is a fourth generation LSU graduate that went into teaching in hopes of sharing not only Frankenstein but all forms of literature to others. So far, her favorite thing about Mount Carmel is the collaboration between her, her co-workers, and the student body, and I can’t help but agree. The new teachers this year are adding to our family here at Mount Carmel.

“Breakfast for Lunch” is the favorite Mount Carmel meal of one of our school’s newest religion teachers, Ms. Ely. She is a graphic design artist who appreciates the class masses and how all grades contribute their personalities and spirits into the assembly. Her favorite Bible story is the Hemorrhaging Women, a telling of Jesus’s mercy as he healed an ill woman, from the Gospel of Luke.

“E” is the favorite number of one of Mount Carmel’s newest editions to the math department. Ms. Lambert has been a teacher for ten years and, in high school, participated in Key Club, was a member of the marching band as a flag twirler, and played the violin in a string orchestra. Her favorite thing about Mount Carmel so far has been the community of teachers that are always volunteering to assist her.

Do you like the color boysenberry? It’s Mme. Goudail’s, Mount Carmel’s newest French teacher, favorite color! Though she was born in New Orleans, she lived in France for eleven years and worked there as an English teacher; her most recent and greatest accomplishment was earning her Master’s degree in French. She also states that her favorite meal here at Mount Carmel is our faux turtle soup!

The student body makes teaching here at Mount Carmel all the better for one of our school’s newest math teachers, Ms. Dahl. Her inspiration in pursuing a teaching career was sparked while working with college students before deciding that she wanted to go into instructing at a high school level. Besides teaching, Ms. Dahl enjoys hanging out with her dog, Chewy, and listening to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. “Energetic,” “organized,” and “faithful” are three adjectives she would use to describe herself.