Five Quick & Cute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween can be stressful, especially trying to figure out what to dress up as without spending too much money! Here are five cheap, easy, and cute Halloween costume ideas!

  1. Cat Lady

All you need to be a cat lady is a sweater and a stuffed cat to carry around! You could even add some glasses and then you have a funny and easy Halloween costume!

  1. Football Player

This costume is super easy and could be super cute! All you need is a football, or any sports, jersey and maybe a helmet or ball and you’ve got a costume! You could even put black lines on your cheeks so you can look even more game day ready!

  1. Tacky Tourist

This costume idea is funny and simple! You need a Hawaiian shirt or t-shirt from a vacation and maybe a camera or some sunscreen on your nose and then you have yourself a Halloween costume!

  1. Your Mom/Dad

This costume could be very funny for a family Halloween party! All you need to do is raid your mom/dad’s closet and wear some of their clothes, do your hair like theirs, and act like them and you have a funny Halloween costume for free!

  1. Doctor

This costume is simple and cute, especially if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan! All you need to do is get some scrubs, maybe from someone you know or from a thrift store, and maybe a stethoscope, and you’ve got a Halloween costume!