Opinion: We Need to Spotlight More Sports!


Did you know that MCA has eleven sports teams? MCA has many sports to offer, but not every sport is as noticed and appreciated. Many sports at MCA are often not recognized or do not have as many spectators cheering on these athletes. The bigger sports like volleyball, softball, and soccer are sports that most of the school goes out to watch. But we also have basketball, bowling, cross country, golf, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and track and field, and they deserve our support!

Many of the bigger sports have home games that school highly encourages students to go to by offering spirit points or dress down days. However, the school should be awarding students dress down days and spirit points to those who attend every sporting event away from school and cheer on the athletes in the lesser-attended sports. This is unfair to these athletes who work so hard and dedicate so much of their time to the school and then not a lot of students go out and support them.

We students should be encouraged to go cheer on these girls and recognize them for their hard work. MCA should also give these athletes more glory so people are aware that our school has many sports with many talented girls in these sports.