Candidate for President: Grace Walser


  • What about Mount Carmel inspires you to be a leader? How do you think you could serve
    the needs of this school specifically?
    The people here at Mount Carmel truly inspire me to be a leader. To me, being a leader means learning from the people around me and humbly serving others. Mount Carmel has taught me that every good leader does not seek recognition, but works tirelessly to create laughter and joy around them. If elected as president, I will work my hardest to carry this spirit of service and laughter into everything I do, from small events like picnics all the way to winter formal I will give my best effort to make every event something that others will enjoy.

  • What is one quality that sets you apart as a leader? Name one concrete way that you can
    see yourself using this quality in your desired position.

    My outgoing and welcoming personality truly set me apart as a leader. I can honestly say that meeting new people is one of my favorite things about being on student council. I have no problem striking up conversations with anyone I
    encounter, and I love every chance I get to meet someone new. These skills are especially important when helping to work events such as new student orientation, SLR, and so many others.

  • In what specific area of leadership would you like to grow this year? How would service
    on MCA’s Student Government help you grow in that area?

    This year, I want the chance to grow in my desire to always be willing to help
    where I am needed. I feel like a lot of times I only go out of my way to help
    someone when it is convenient for me; through this next year, I want to learn to
    help others on my good and bad days. I feel that being executive board president
    requires your attention everyday of the week, this means that I would have to
    learn to put others first, even when it’s not easy.

  • What are some accolades you have received for your service, both in and out of Mount
    Carmel? For example, have you ever earned an outstanding member pin? Have you ever
    been distinguished in any way for work you have done?

    Over the years, I have received four outstanding member pins. Three of these pins
    have been for student council, one pin for each year I’ve been a member, and the
    last one for TFL. Along with my pins, I received the helping hands award from
    my teachers last year.

  • How do you act as a faith leader, both in and out of Mount Carmel?
    In my life, my faith is a constant. I know that no matter what happens, I will
    always have God as my support system and friend. Outside of MCA, I am on the
    student leaders team in my youth group and actively attend all of our youth
    events. At MCA, I live out my faith by attending mass whenever possible and
    trying to live more like Jesus every day. As christians, we are called to love and
    encourage others, and this is something I strive to do every single day.

  • What other clubs are you in? What other clubs do you plan to join next year?
    Along with student council, I am also currently in National Honor Society, Latin
    National Honor Society, ambassadors, and Teens for Life. I plan to stay involved
    in these same clubs next school year.

  • What is your leadership experience both in and out of MCA?
    During my time here at Mount Carmel I have had many opportunities to grow as a
    leader; I have served as a freshman homeroom representative, sophomore class
    president, and junior homeroom representative. I have also acted as the committee
    head for both the public relations and spirit point committee. In addition to these
    things, I am very involved at Student Council at the state and district level. I am
    currently the Vice President of our district. I have attended LASC convention 3
    times, and workshop twice; I also have been selected to serve on staff at the state
    workshop for a week this summer. These experiences have taught me how to plan
    big events, how to effectively work with others, and how to always follow
    through on things that I promise to accomplish.

  • How have you consciously tried to develop yourself as a leader this past year?
    Over this past year, I have tried to develop myself as a leader by actively
    participating in all of the clubs that I am a part of. I believe that, as a leader, I
    should be committed to all clubs and activities that I am a part of. This year I have
    worked many events with ambassadors and student council that have allowed me
    to understand more of the effort that goes into each individual activity. This has
    taught me the work ethic and knowledge necessary to plan and carry out all
    student council events.

  • What is one flaw that might get in your way to serve on executive board to the best of
    your ability (academic course load, involvement in other clubs, after-school jobs, ect.)?
    How will you consciously address this flaw to ensure you serve to the best of your

    I feel that one weakness I have is that I tend to get stressed if I have many events
    going on while also dealing with an abundance of school work. One way that I am
    working to deal with this is by learning to take time out of my day, if only a few
    minutes, to remind myself of all the good things going on. For next year, I have
    planned to take less stressful classes and have a plan to stay on top of my work to
    allow me to devote most of my time to student council without getting
    overwhelmed with the build up of work.

  • When is a time that you served without receiving accolades? Be specific.
    Much of my work with the district student council goes without recognition, but it
    is something I love doing. I have been a junior counselor at Haynes student
    council workshop, as well as the District 1 workshop. These events require hours
    of planning and decorating that often go unnoticed by others. These events have
    taught me that if you truly love doing something, the recognition is unimportant.;
    student council is something that I am passionate about and truly love.

  • How are you an effective time manager, and what is your strategy for time management?
    Be specific.

    Throughout my years at MCA, I have learned how to balance my work and still
    be able to give my best effort in everything I do. I have been in all honors and AP
    classes since freshman year, while also being active in many clubs and
    extracurriculars. Always having these responsibilities, has taught me the
    importance of starting projects ahead of time, delegating work when possible, and
    knowing when to ask for help. I have learned to complete important task first, to
    always write important reminders down, and to use my free time to get ahead for
    the upcoming events.

  • How do you model kindness and gratefulness to your administrators, teachers, and peers?
    Give specific examples.

    In my own life, I’ve come to realize the value and importance of every individual
    that I encounter. The teachers and administration here at MCA do so many things
    for us that go unnoticed, and this shows how much they deserve our thanks. I feel
    that the best way for us to show them our appreciation is just to say thank you
    whenever possible, and always be open to their ideas and advice. For my peers, I
    try to model kindness and encouragement in my everyday life. I aim to do this by
    always having a smile on my face and always being willing to listen when
    someone needs to talk.