Candidate for President: Adeline Chappuis


  • What about Mount Carmel inspires you to be a leader? How do you think you could serve the
    needs of this school specifically?

    Mount Carmel needs strong leaders who are also dedicated to the philosophy of the school. Mount
    Carmel encourages me to have a strong prayer life, along with keeping Mother Mary close in our hearts.
    When I serve Mount Carmel on student council, I will always have the Spirit of Carmel at heart and
    promote it among my peers. I will do my best to lead by example, actively participating in school
    Masses and rosaries, and to be following Jesus’s teachings.

  • What is one quality that sets you apart as a leader? Name one concrete way that you can see
    yourself using this quality in your desired position.

    I believe I have a unique work-ethic. In my responsibilities, I sacrifice often to get everything done, and
    I am positive most of the time while doing it! I will always put student council as a major priority for me
    and work hard to ensure an amazing year; my passion for helping my friends and peers steers me in this

  • In what specific area of leadership would you like to grow this year? How would service on
    MCA’s Student Government help you grow in that area?

    I would like to practice meeting with my peers and my authorities, so that way, I am be more confident
    in those meetings. On student council, I can learn how to better conduct meetings and ask for approval
    from administration.

  • What are some accolades you have received for your service, both in and out of Mount Carmel?
    For example, have you ever earned an outstanding member pin? Have you ever been
    distinguished in any way for work you have done?

    During my time at MCA, I have received a silver pin for my hours of service. I have also received a
    outstanding member pin for student council before serving on Executive Board this past year. For my
    leadership positions, I have been awarded the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award and the Citizenship
    Award at last year’s awards ceremony.

  • How do you act as a faith leader, both in and out of MCA?
    One of my favorite things about a Catholic education is the support system in our faith. At Mount
    Carmel, I wish to lead others toward the faith, whether it be offering to lead a decade of the rosary after
    school or be a model for a woman of prayer. At my parish, I lector and sing at Mass and assist with
    middle and lower school events. As a member of Teen CROSS, I am able to reach over 2,000 students
    from across New Orleans to live a better life with Jesus at World Youth Day and Abbey Youth Fest.

  • What other clubs are you in? What other clubs do you plan to join?
    In addition to student council, I am so involved in Ambassador Team, Science Olympiad, NHS, MAO,
    Tri-M, and FNHS. I do not currently plan on joining other clubs next year.

  • What is your leadership experience, both in and out of MCA? How have you consciously tried to develop yourself as a leader this past year?
    Over the summer, I attended the Louisiana Association of Student Council’s workshop at Northwestern
    State University in Natchitoches. I took from what I learned at workshop with me home to MCA, where
    I made efforts to utilize those new skills. I learned how to be more outgoing, and I practiced meeting
    people, so that I am more confident in doing so. I have also consciously developed my skills in planning
    efficiently. I also attended Teen CROSS council’s retreat, where I also practiced these skills.

  • What is one flaw that might get in your way to serve on the Executive Board to the best of your
    ability? How will you consciously address this flaw to ensure you serve to the best of your ability?

    A flaw of mine is I tend to take on too many responsibilities. This past year, I have been working to
    understand what I can and cannot handle and hope to put this new understanding of myself into action
    next year on Executive Board.

  • What is a time your served without accolades?
    I really enjoy helping little kids in theater! Every year for the spring musical, I go back to my old school
    to build the set in March and assist backstage during the performances. When watching a theatrical
    production, many people do not see the amount of detail and hard-work behind it all. To watch all the
    kids excitedly perform makes all of my hours in worthwhile; their lives are happier because of the work
    put into the program. I am extremely grateful to have been serving this Performing Arts Troupe for six

  • How are you an effective time manager, and what is your strategy for time management? Be

    During my years at Mount Carmel, especially this past year, my experiences have helped me form time
    managing skills I can use next year and beyond. I first write down everything I need to get done, in order
    to prevent missing anything. I, then, get straight to work, usually only taking a break to eat. On
    weekends, I use every spare minute to get ahead, so that I may have more time during the week to
    accomplish other tasks. I believe as I continue, I will be able to be even more productive and efficient,
    so that things may start being completed faster!

  • How do you model kindness and gratefulness to your administration, teachers, and peers?
    As a leader, it is important to be a model of kindness and gratefulness to everyone encountered. For me,
    this means talking to everyone in a sweet and nice tone, even if I’m having a not-so-nice day. Especially
    with administrators and teachers, I try to smile at them in the hallways if I see them. Also, if a teacher or
    administrator does something specifically for me, I always make sure to stop by and say thank you. For
    my peers, I always try to offer help with anything, especially if they’ve helped me on a particularly hard
    assignment. I try to thank them for everything they do for me through words, but also helping them with
    homework or some other way they need. Even in little things, great kindness can come out of them, so I
    do as many “small” things as possible. My peers, teachers, and administration members do so much for
    me; the little things I am able to do to help them out is the least I can do.