Candidate for Vice President: Katherine Reynolds


  • What about Mount Carmel inspires you to be a leader? How do you think you could serve the
    needs of this school specifically?

    Mount Carmel inspires me to be a servant leader for the school. While I am placed in a position of
    leadership, I am driven by the needs of the students to make sure that they are well informed of upcoming
    events. I could specifically serve Mount Carmel by communicating well with the representatives to make
    sure that the students are well informed.

  • What is one quality that sets you apart as a leader? Name one concrete way that you can see
    yourself using this quality in your desired position.

    While everyone is capable of being an amazing leader, my friendly disposition allows me to engage with
    everyone. I am very easy-going and like to make people laugh which can come in handy with a hands-on
    job like Vice President.

  • In what specific area of leadership would you like to grow this year? How would service on
    MCA’s Student Government help you grow in that area?

    While I have been a Public Relations committee head this year, I want to further develop my
    communication skills. I am able to send out a message or inform people, but I would want to focus on my
    skills of specifying what I am trying to communicate. Being Vice President would help me develop these
    skills through communicating with all of the representatives at meetings or throughout the week.

  • What are some accolades you have received for your service, both in and out of Mount Carmel?
    Have you ever been distinguished in any way for work you have done?
    I have been awarded multiple outstanding member awards in WMCA over the years by going above and
    beyond to make sure that the work is being done correctly and on time. I have also received first place for
    my bulletin board this year, an award given by the Vice President. I was also awarded the honor of being
    Mount Carmel’s Student of the Year in 8th grade and competed against other students in the state for this
    award. I was also given the recognition as an outstanding member in Student Council for my hard work,
    diligence, and achieving the most spirit points in Student Council.

  • How do you act as a faith leader, both in and out of Mount Carmel?
    While I do not have an official title, I do have a large family with many younger children. I try my hardest
    to explain our faith to them using what we learn at Mount Carmel. I also carpool them to Mass once a
    month, and we discuss the readings of the mass after. I am also very active in my religion classes and
    have received excellent grades all four years. Additionally, Mrs. Mickal asked me to represent Mount
    Carmel by attending Unity Day last year. This taught me about solidarity and showed me how to work
    with a team as one.

  • What other clubs are you in? What other clubs do you plan to join next year?
    I am currently in McCADD, National Honors Society, WMCA, and Ambassadors. I plan on doing these
    same clubs next year because all of these clubs give me the chance to be a representative of Mount
    Carmel to elementary schools, on social media, to prospective students, and to alums.

  • What is your leadership experience, both in and out of MCA?
    I am a Public Relations committee head this year which gives me multiple opportunities to work closely
    with Executive Board to further develop my leadership skills. Addiotionally, I have a weekend job that
    enforces my leadership and responsibility characteristics by putting me in charge of about thirty children
    for a party at Bookoo Bounce. This job also taught me the importance of organization and planning ahead
    which is an important trait found in leaders.

  • How have you consciously tried to develop yourself as a leader this past year?
    Working as a committee head, I have tried to be as open as possible and communicate with everyone in
    my committee when we needed to make announcements or plan commercials. Additionally, I have tried
    to be open to new ideas and make others feel as if I am a person they can go to.

  • What is one flaw that might get in your way to serve on Executive Board to the best of your
    ability? How will you consciously address this flaw to ensure you serve to the best of your

    As previously said, I do have a job that could get in the way of weekend meetings to plan upcoming
    events like pep rallies and Student Leader’s Retreat. However, my schedule is adjustable and can be
    moved around to accommodate the responsibilities that come with being Vice President.

  • When is one time that you served without receiving accolades?
    This year was my first year being an Ambassador. This job required a lot of behind the scenes work such
    as planning Open House and New Student Interviews. While the club itself is rewarding, I think that the
    work that the Ambassadors do can be unseen by the student body but remains important still.

  • How are you an effective time manager, and what is your strategy for time management?
    I am an effective time manager because I frequently plan out my time using my agenda. After knowing
    what my plans are for the week, I give myself personal deadlines to have homework and projects done by.
    This is important because I will be in charge of the deadlines given to representatives for bulletin boards
    as Vice President.

  • How do you model kindness and gratefulness to your administrators, teachers, and peers?
    I try to make sure that I smile at everyone I pass in the hallway, especially if they are younger students. I
    always try my best to be appreciative of everything that my teachers and administration does for me by
    thanking them. Additionally, I thank the cafeteria workers everyday when I deliver my plate because they
    have some of the most extensive work in the school.