Candidate for Treasurer: Sofia Plaia


  • 1. What about Mount Carmel inspires you to be a leader? How do you think you could serve
    the needs of this school specifically?

    There are many aspect of Mount Carmel that compel me to want to be a leader in this school.
    Because there are so many walks of life in our school, I find being a leader is a way to bring all
    of these young women together under a common goal. What drives me to want to make a
    difference is that so many people, including myself, want to make a change. I want to help these
    people reach their goals and by being a leader, I find that I am made able to help with these
    goals. I think that I could help serve the school by encouraging to set goals and modeling pure
    delight in school activities. I think by these two services, I am able to show that it only takes one
    person to make a difference on a large scale. By encouraging delight and setting goals, I feel that
    students and faculty will feel inspired and motivated to set themselves to a higher level, and
    inevitably resulting in change. Specifically making a change would include more student
    involved activities and opportunities for students to work on their goals within our school, such
    as our Student Leader’s Retreat. However, for SLR I would like to advertise this more for our
    students who do not know what this wonderful retreat is all about. I would want to make more
    available opportunities for our students to channel in their inner leader and truly express
    themselves as an important role in their lives and everyone around them.

  • 2. What is one quality that sets you apart as a leader? Name one concrete way that you can
    see yourself using this quality in your desired position.

    Organization is what sets me apart as a leader. It is a key component in taking on a role, such as
    the Executive Board Treasurer. As with technology and accomplishments our objectives are
    constantly evolving, so will my skill sets in organization. Organization is essential for my desired
    position as treasurer. I intend to keep accurate and transparent records that will be available for
    audit at any time.

  • 3. In what specific area of leadership would you like to grow this year? How would service
    on MCA’s Student Government help you grow in that area?

    I would like to increase my interpersonal skills. Student Government would allow me to
    communicate with teachers, students, and fellow board members in a more mature and articulate

  • 4. What are some accolades you have received for your service, both in and out of Mount
    Carmel? For example, have you every earned an outstanding member pin? Have you ever
    been distinguished in any way for work you have done?

    I was a member of WMCA for three years. For two of the three years, I received outstanding
    member pins. In service to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, I was acknowledged as an
    outstanding service member. During this service project I helped to conserve our wetlands and
    helped to beautify our city.

  • 5. How do you act as a faith leader, both in and out of Mount Carmel?
    My faith is very strong and has helped me get through tough times in my life recently. Knowing
    that God is leading me on my journey, I am strengthened through His grace. Through my
    advancements in my faith journey, inside and outside of Mount Carmel, I try to be a constant
    support of strength for family and friends. I would very much enjoy being a Come Lord Jesus
    member, and I have happily applied for the position.

  • 6. What other clubs are you in? What other clubs do you plan to join next year?
    All of my time currently is spent towards Student Government, academics, and my family.
    However, for the next school year I intend to work closely with Student Government and other
    clubs. I would enjoy being a Come Lord Jesus Leader and to join a service club, possibly CLC.

  • 7. What is your leadership experience, both in and out of MCA?
    I have had many leadership experiences in and outside of MCA.
    My leadership experiences inside of MCA include:
    – SLR leader
    – Sophomore retreat leader
    – Homeroom Representative
    – Mission Drive Representative.
    Outside of MCA I have assisted in training and mentoring newly hired employees at a retail sales
    market. I also was a group leader at the St. Pius X Bible Study program for young children.

  • 8. How have you consciously tried to develop yourself as a leader this past year?
    In the past year, I have consciously worked to develop myself as a strong role model and leader.
    I strive to be an example for my younger cousins and friends. To be an effective leader and
    inspire others, I try to be a good communicator with creativity and innovation.

  • 9. What is one flaw that might get in your way to serve on Executive Board to the best of
    your ability (academic course load, involvement in other clubs, after school jobs, etc.)?
    How will you consciously address this flaw to ensure you serve to the best of your

    Although I am still practicing to drive and hoping to get my driver’s license in the near future, I
    presently do not have my own vehicle. My mother is dedicated to my academic and
    extracurricular experience and has vowed to ensure that there will be no transportation issues. I
    have a network of family that helps with transportation issues as well.

  • 10. When is a time that you served without receiving accolades? Be specific.
    On several weekends I have gone to a nursing home, where my mom works, and helped with
    activities. These activities include painting ladies’ nails, singing and dancing, playing bingo, and
    fixing ladies’ hair. Although I have received much joy from this interaction, I’ve received no
    specific accolades.

  • 11. How are you an effective time manager, and what is your strategy for time management?
    Be specific.

    Due to the importance of time management, I have found that using an agenda and phone
    applications have helped to streamline and manage my time. I will continue to use these
    processes and incorporate new technology as it becomes available or suggested.

  • 12. How do you model kindness and gratefulness to your administrators, teachers, and peers?
    Give specific examples.

    I have learned and believe in treating people with the utmost respect and dignity that you will get
    the same in return. I am conscious in the way I speak to the administration and teachers so that I
    am always respectful and kind. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive an
    education at MCA. In the past, I have participated in baking sweet treats for our faculty. I
    always try to engage in conflict transformation with my peers when problems arise. I use the
    term transformation because I try to involve all parties to find a solution.