Candidate for MAL Chairlady: Elizabeth White


  • What about Mount Carmel inspires you to be a leader? How do you think you could serve the needs of this school specifically?
    The core nature of Mount Carmel is what inspires me to be a leader; it is hard to experience something that gives you so much and not want to give back. Mount Carmel is a place full of warmth, support, and openness, and I consider it a great honor and
    privilege to be able to serve the school through my leadership. I think I can serve the needs of the school specifically through my dedication to the small things such as making sure that everyone’s birthday is recognized and that the school is beautifully decorated for special events. I am passionate about making sure that everyone feels welcomed, loved, and respected here.

  • What is one quality that sets you apart as a leader? How do you think you could serve the
    needs of this school specifically? ?

    My honesty and integrity are the qualities that set me apart as a leader. I make it a priority to always tell the truth and not hide anything from others. I strive to maintain openness in my relationships, both personal and professional, and to be completely authentic at all times. This openness and authenticity allows others to feel that I am someone who can be trusted and relied upon. I will use this quality to serve the school by maintaining clear and open lines of communication between myself, other Student Council members, and all students so that everyone may feel that they are being heard and listened to fairly and that they have an undiluted understanding of whatever may be going on.

  • In what specific area of leadership would you like to grow this year? How would service on
    MCA’s Student Government help you grow in that area? ?

    I would like to improve my creative thinking and my ability to strive towards continuous
    improvement in my work. Creative thinking is a vital part of successful leadership
    because it promotes and accepts new ideas for improvement and achievement. I also
    know that I have a tendency to stay in a fixed mindset, and I would like to develop a
    more growth oriented mindset that pushes me towards continuous improvement and
    creative thinking. Service on MCA’s Student Government will help me grow in this area
    because I will constantly be forced to try new things and expand my mindset and grow
    as a creative thinker and problem solver.

  • What are some accolades you have received for your service, both in and out of Mount
    Carmel? For example, have you ever earned an outstanding member pin? Have you ever been
    distinguished in any way for wok you have done? ?

    I earned two outstanding member pins in eighth grade for Quiz Bowl, as well as one this
    year for Student Council.

  • How do you act as a faith leader, both in and out of Mount Carmel? ?
    I try to act as a faith leader more through my actions than my words. It is important to me
    that I engage fully with others and meet them where they are just as Christ did. I strive to
    do this through promoting authentic dialogue and conversation in my interactions with others. I also try to offer myself to others in service in any way possible because my faith
    is the guiding force behind any of my kind actions.

  • What other clubs are you in? What other clubs do you plan to join next year? ?
    In addition to Student Council, I am currently a member of Latin National Honor Society
    and National Honor Society. Next year, I have applied to be a Come Lord Jesus Leader
    and an Ambassador.

  • What is your leadership experience both in and out of MCA? ?
    At Mount Carmel, I have been a member of Student Council for four years. Outside of
    MCA I have lead Vacation Bible School for my parish and have devoted time to leading
    weekend retreats for middle school girls.

  • How have you consciously tried to develop yourself as a leader this past year? ?
    This past year I have consciously tried to develop myself as a leader by pushing myself
    out of my shell to experience new things and take on new responsibilities that previously
    frightened me. Through this process, my confidence has grown and has allowed me to be
    a more assertive, open-minded, and positive leader. Specifically in preparation for MAL
    chairlady, I have taken the lead on big blow up days and seized every opportunity to
    become more familiar with the MAL system and the ways in which I can best lead it. Our
    current chairlady, Adeline, has also been kind enough to train me to take on the position
    and has given me many tools to help me succeed.

  • What is one flaw that might get in your way to serve on Executive Board to the best of your
    ability (academic course load, involvement in clubs, after-school jobs, etc.)? How will you
    consciously address this flaw to ensure you serve to the best of your ability? ?

    I am terrified of public speaking, and I realize that as a member of Executive Board I will
    be required to speak in front of large groups of people on many occasions. The prospect
    of this definitely frightens me, but I am confident that I will be able to rise to the
    challenge. I will consciously address this flaw by attending a lecture series on effective
    public speaking this summer, and using my learnings there to overcome my fear so that
    I may serve as a member of Executive Board to the absolute best of my abilities.

  • What is a time that you served without receiving accolades? Be specific. ?
    My time as a member-at-large has been my most significant service for which I did not
    receive accolades. Member-at-larges work so hard and and give so much time in service
    to the school; however, the nature of our work means that we are often behind the scenes
    and our service is rarely directly seen. As such, it is rare that I receive acknowledgement
    or rewards for my service. In spite of the lack of outside accolades, I love my work as a
    member at large, and it has taught me that sometimes the greatest reward is knowing in
    your heart that you have made a difference.

  • How are you an effective time manager, and what is your strategy for time management? Be specific. ?
    Junior year is difficult and busy on every level from academic to social, and the constant demands placed on me have forced me to become an excellent time manager. My primary time management strategy is list making. I make a to do list everyday of all that needs to be accomplished. I am also meticulous with my scheduling; I write down everything that must be done and the date that it must be done by so that I can make a manageable and effective schedule that will allow me to break down both large and small tasks in ways that will ensure their successful and timely completion.

  • How do you model kindness and gratefulness to your administrators, teachers, and peers? Give specific examples.
    I model kindness and gratefulness to my administrators, teachers, and peers by always
    trying to be kind and smile and thank them for all that they do for me. I show my
    appreciation and respect for my teachers and administrators by always putting forth my
    best effort in class and in school activities. I show kindness and gratefulness to my peers
    by trying to be sensitive to their feelings and emotions and help someone if they are
    having a rough time or struggling. I also bake for my friends birthdays because I know
    that although it may be a small thing, it can mean a great deal to someone to be
    reminded that they are loved and worthy of acknowledgement and remembrance.

  • What strengths did you see in the member-at-large system this year? How will you continue to implement those strengths?
    I saw many strength in the member-at-large system this year, and I hope to continue to
    implement these strengths next year. One of the strengths I most hope to continue is
    allowing MAL’s to pick the mornings and lunches that they work. This allows for ease
    of scheduling and ensures that their will be minimal conflicts with other responsibilities.
    Another strength I would like to continue is the buddy system where each new MAL is
    partnered with an older, more experienced MAL. This allows the new MALs to
    experience on the job training and establishes a relationship for them that will help them
    to grow as a Student Council member. Lastly, I hope to continue many of the special
    traditions that are dear to an MAL’s heart such as donuts on Open House morning. These
    traditions are fun to experience and help to promote camaraderie among the MALs.

  • What improvements do you envision for the member-at-large system for next year? Please
    give specific steps for improvement. ?

    I envision many improvements for the member-at-large system next year, and I am
    ecstatic about the positive changes that I believe they will bring. My first goal for
    improvement is to increase accountability for the member-at-larges. I am aware that
    there have been issues with MALs not doing their job, and that has caused problems with
    successfully operating the system and completing our duties in the best way possible.

    Additionally, it is unfair to the many hardworking, dedicated MALs that have to pick up
    the slack of the few that do not do their job. I will not shy away from strictly enforcing
    attendance and participation. Of course, I am understanding that people make honest mistakes,
    and that is okay. My desire is not to punish or make life hard for others, only to
    ensure that everyone does their job to the best of their ability and honors the commitment
    that they have made. Another change I envision is a more comprehensive new MAL
    training. I plan to offer several sessions for the new MALs to attend where I and other
    experienced MALs would train them in the necessary skills to excel in their work. I
    sincerely hope that this would increase the confidence of the young and new MALS
    and allow them to feel that they are confident, capable, and making a difference. Another
    improvement I desire to make is a complete revamping of the balloon organization
    system. This year, we encountered issues with being unable to find balloons or weights
    when we needed them, and it caused undue stress for all. I plan to reorganise the balloon
    cabinet by installing drawers or dividers of some kind and organizing balloons by color
    and event to increase ease of access. I also plan to be extremely conscientious in keeping
    track of weights so that they are always prepared and available when they are needed.

    Lastly, I plan to increase collaboration between myself and the MALs as well as between
    all MALs. I desire more input from my MALs on decisions and processes that will affect
    them. I plan to begin the year with a survey/discussion asking how I can best help them,
    and I wish to continue this collaboration throughout the year. Member-at-Larges work so
    hard and give so much to the school, and it is my deepest hope that these changes will
    allow me to serve them and the whole school well.