A Senior Salute: Our Editor-in-chief Reflects

Senior Editor-in-chief Abbigail Alonzo reflects on her years at MCA and says goodbye!

Abbigail Alonzo, Echoes Editor-in-Chief

I was always told to enjoy my time in high school because it would be over before I knew it, and, truthfully, I was hoping that was the truth…up until this year.

I am now left with twenty-one days of the sport I’ve played my entire life, twenty-eight days wearing a uniform, and forty-seven days until this chapter of my life officially ends. Although I could not be more excited to start a new chapter, I wish high school had a pause button.

Throughout my time here, I did nothing but look to the future. That’s what we’re taught to do, right? Absorb knowledge, plan accordingly, and dream big so that we soar higher than everyone else in our futures. But a lesson just as important, one I failed to learn until now, is to live in the moment.

Starting in just 8th grade, I was already looking forward to wearing a tan sweater. Well, I’m wearing my tan sweater, but not for much longer. Senior year has been everything I have hoped and wished and prayed it’d be. The sweaters, the rings, the “lasts” – it’s all great. My class has truly found the meaning of sisterhood, and it’s inspiring. But those moments, the ones I wish I could go back to for just one more minute, they’re memories now.

Often times, we take for granted our Spirit Days and Gym Days. Athletes take for granted their games and practices. Actors take for granted their rehearsals and shows. Dancers take for granted their football games and pep rallies. We all take for granted our I.S. and our school wide masses and just the overall loving environment that is MCA.

As a senior, all of these events become more meaningful. It becomes real that things are closing and ending, and the appreciation for them becomes so much greater. MCA has given us moments – moments of joy, moments of sadness, moments of excitement, moments of stress, moments of love. You realize that this school given you so much more than you realized.

If I could go back to my 8th grade self and give her any word of advice, it would be to take it all in – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be thankful for every little moment you get to spend in such an inspiring and encouraging and spiritual place. Make the most out of every situation thrown your way. One day, whether you believe me or not, you will want to go back.

But unfortunately, there’s no rewind button.