Get in the Season with Spring Cleaning

Audrey Reynaud

Spring cleaning is always a good idea to make your life organized and clean, but it’s not always exciting. Here are 6 tips on how to make spring cleaning more fun!

1. Make a cleaning playlist.
Nothing puts people in a good mood like their favorite music, so put a bunch of your favorite jams onto a playlist and rock out while cleaning!

2. Dance while you clean.
You don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy dancing! Get your groove on and dance like no one’s watching while you mop those floors!

3. Allow yourself to buy new clothes if you go through your closet.
If you clean out your closet and give away the clothes you don’t wear, treat yourself to a few new summer outfits! Get your closet clean and get new clothes!

4. Get help.
Cleaning with other people can create procrastination, but get together with your hardest working friend and get stuff done! It’ll give you someone to talk to and to help you clean!

5. Cleaning games.
If you’re cleaning with someone else, hold contests on who can clean the best and the fastest! Nothing like a little competition to make things fun!

6. Throw a get together with your friends to help make you clean.
If you can’t get motivated to clean, then plan a gathering with your friends and family and use it as an excuse to clean! You don’t want your loved ones seeing your house messy!