Spotlight on MCA Faculty & Staff: What was your first concert? Part Two

Echoes Staff

Music is a big part of our lives, but can you guess your teachers’ first concerts? We asked our faculty and staff to tell us about their first experiences! We had so many great responses that this is the second part! We featured the first half in February. Read on for all their great stories.

Aimee Gerrets

First Concert: New Kids on the Block

Where: Saenger Theatre, 1989

It was the summer before my 8th grade year in school. My friend had gotten some tickets to go see this new band called the New Kids on the Block. I had never heard of them, but she had their cassette tape and my mom said that I could go. Turns out her tickets were in the front row. We stayed up all night the night before the show listening to the songs. I had never been to a real concert like that, and it was amazing. I remember totally falling in love with Donnie Wahlberg…and I still have a huge crush on him. He grabbed my hand and sang a few words to me and I was fairly certain that that was a marriage proposal. I ended up having a severe NKOTB addiction from that point on and ended up at 8 different concerts over the next 2-3 years going anywhere from Houston to Mississippi to see them.

Joanna Savage

First Concert: Backstreet Boys, 2001

Where: Caracas, Venezuela. I traveled 7 hours from where I lived in Venezuela to go to the Concert – Venue: Estacionamiento de la Poliedro de Caracas

It was in 2001 in Caracas Venezuela. I was 15 years old. I traveled by bus 7 hours from where I lived in Venezuela to go to the Concert. The seats were not that great, but I did not care! I was so in love with Nick Carter! LOL

Julia D’Antonio-Del Rio

First Concert: No Doubt (Black Eyed Peas—pre-Fergie—opened)

Where: at UNO on June 8, 2000

I was a sophomore at MCA and went with two of my best friends, Jessica and Jenna. The show solidified my love of music and concerts, and I’ve probably seen hundreds of performances since.

Keith Maddox

First Concert: Victor Wooten and Bela Fleck

Where: Not sure, around 2000

I got to watch a master of the bass guitar share techniques for high-speed finger picking and otherwise get funky, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones showed off their virtuosity as well. No pictures, and not even a text message survive from this analog-era experience. (we had cell-phones, but they were used for carrying your voice across a distance, or “telephoning.”)

Kerri Caruso

First Concert: Cowboy Mouth

Where: college

Amazing! It was an after Jazz Fest concert.

Kristi Jacobs-Stanley

First Concert: Alanis Morissette

Where: UNO Lakefront Arena 1995 or 96

I remember singing along at the top of my lungs, and getting to buy a souvenir t-shirt.

Lindsey Martinez

First Concert: NSYNC

Where: Tampa, FL, 1999

I was so excited that after the opening act I fell asleep because there was a 45 minute gap. My mom tried to wake me up and I didn’t wake up until they played my favorite song.

Lynne Pesquie

First Concert: Chicago

Where: Municipal Auditorium

I am the youngest of four sisters therefore I was allowed to visit various venues that were clearly out of my age range. I was 14 years old when I attended the Chicago Concert in the 70’s.

Lyn Pickett

First Concert: Seether and Papa Roach

Where: Buffalo Chip, Sturgis, SD 2007

I was with my older sister and her friends. I had a fantastic time dancing and singing along.

Madeleine Tatford

First Concert: Rascal Flatts

Where: New Orleans Arena, 2008

My dad called and said he had a surprise for me; he had called into a radio station and won tickets to see Rascal Flatts, our favorite band! I was so excited! The two of us drove to New Orleans and had dinner at P.F. Changs. Then we went to the concert together!

Marian Daney

First Concert: The Backstreet Boys

Where: Superdome, 2000

For Christmas my older sister gave me tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert (Into the Millennium Tour), because I loved them so much! All I remember is feeling really small compared to all of the other people (older women) at the concert and whoever the opening performer was screamed so loud it made my ears hurt. I probably was a little too young to really appreciate a live concert, but I enjoy them now!

Mary Tellier

First Concert: The Backstreet Boys

Where: Superdome, 1999

Santa gave me tickets to see the Backstreet Boys for Christmas. My mom and I went to see them perform in New Orleans for their Millennium tour. (For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a life-changing album featuring such hits as “Larger Than Life” and “I Want It That Way.”) After crying for about fifteen minutes, I am fairly sure I spent the entirety of the concert mouth agape, mesmerized by the wonder that is Nick Carter. My eight-year-old self was not emotionally prepared for all of the things that the concert would do to my heart.

Matt Stevens

First Concert: Dave Matthews Band

Where: Memphis Pyramid – 2001ish

Learned that I like smaller venues to enjoy live music.

Robert Farrell

First Concert: Evanescence

Where: Dallas, Texas, 2007

It was a fun experience. I went with two friends who lived in the same dorm building as me. She’s a better performer in person than on her albums, which is a rare talent in my opinion.

Sara Coleman


First Concert: The Beatles

Where: City Park Stadium, 1964

It was awesome. I was madly in love with Paul McCartney, so I cried and screamed probably the entire time. I went with my then best friend. It was an unforgettable night!

Sue Buras

First Concert: The Beatles

Where: City Park Stadium, 1964

It was amazing- so much screaming- hard to hear the music!

Sue Wilkinson

First Concert: Elton John

Where: LSU arena (Called Pete’s Palace), 1974

I paid $5.00 to see him and about 30 years later I spent $250 to see him again at the New Orleans arena. He was good both times! I don’t have a picture – long before cell phones were everywhere!

Terri Rousey

First Concert: Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band

Where: Indianapolis, Born to Run Tour, 1976

I was dating my husband and he took me to this concert. This was my first exposure to The Boss. I have been madly in love with both of them ever since! I have seen Springsteen at Jazz Fest twice and he is still amazing. (So is my husband, but he is a woodworker. Different media.)

Victor Fernandez

First Concert: Madonna

Where: UNO Lakefront Arena, 1985

It was a last minute opportunity for perhaps the hottest tour that year that fell into my lap. I was 14 and I went with a distant relative who was in her 20s.

Virginia Dabdoub

First Concert: B52s

Where: The Warehouse, 1982

I went with my older brother, his wife, and two friends from MCA. My brother knew I loved them and he bought us tickets for my birthday. I can remember it was very smoky – you could smoke in these venues then.