Ready for the New Year? You Still Have Time to Make the Most of 2017

Emily Schexnayder

With only a month left in the year, many people are trying to get in as many things as they can in the month of December. You should consider doing these five simple things before the year ends.

  • Plan ahead for the new year. Make a list of goals or ideas you have for the new year is one idea to give you inspiration in 2018. This list is not the same a New Year’s resolution list, just ideas to better impact your future ideas.
  • Go through your phone storage and clean it. By cleaning your storage, it allows you to look back at 2017 memories and also delete any unwanted ones. Doing this will help make your new year organized and make room for new memories.
  • Give yourself some reflection and relaxation time. Around Christmas and New Year’s time, our lives become very fast-paced. Allowing yourself to have some relaxation time and time to reflect on the past year is always a good thing.
  • Go ice skating. It is not often that Louisiana gets cold enough for it to snow during the Christmas season. Ice skating gives us a new experience during the wintertime. There will be an indoor ice skating rink at the New Orleans Convention Center during NOLA ChristmasFest from December 21-31, 2017! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to ice skate; give it a try.
  • Forgive yourself and restart. Many of us are tempted to look back on 2017 and think of all the bad things and how the year was terrible. Allow yourself to forgive others and your own self before the new year starts.

By doing some of these things you will look back on past memories and realize that 2017 was not as bad as you may have thought it was going to be. Also, you will have prepared yourself for the start of a wonderful new year!