Olivia Piazza in the Spotlight

Olivia (second from right) is on set with some new friends, including Jerry Trainor from iCarly.

Olivia Piazza, class of 2019, has long been interested in acting and in the film industry; she continues to live that dream as an extra in Alex & Me, a film which is being released on Amazon. “It was really fun being on set and it always is,” Olivia says. “I was a soccer player, just a small role with no speaking, but still pretty big for someone like me who wants to pursue a career in acting.” For those who are interested in having their own roles in New Orleans’s growing film industry, Olivia explained that she has an agent for acting and attended acting classes at Launch Model and Talent in Metairie, which she said was a good school for beginners and people who want to get into acting.

However, Olivia says you don’t have to have dreams of the spotlight to be in film just for fun. She explains, “I would definitely recommend this to others, even if they don’t want to be an actor or actress. I became friends with many of the other girls and met some really amazing actors as well.” In addition to making new friends, Olivia points out that on set you can sometimes meet someone whose face you’ve seen on the screen before! “I also met some really amazing actors and directors. I actually met Jerry Trainor who played Spencer on iCarly—one of the best shows ever. He was really nice and funny and it was great working with him.”

Would she do it again? Will we be seeing Olivia’s name in lights one day? Absolutely, she says. “I would 100% do it again. Hopefully, one day I have bigger roles where I actually speak.”

We know you will, Olivia. We are proud of you!