Jamie Leak & Vivien Poche Sing their Hearts Out

We are proud of you!

Vivien Poche performed at the American Idol auditions last month.

Have you ever fantasized about being on television? On Thursday, September 7th, two Mount Carmel students, Vivien Poche and Jamie Leak, took a step towards making their dreams come true by auditioning for the new rebooted season of American Idol.

Tenth grader Jamie Leak sang “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood for her audition. Her inspiration for selecting this challenging tune was that she thought it showed her vocal range particularly well.

Also auditioning was tenth grader Vivien Poche, who sang “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. She first heard the song when Pentatonix covered it and she fell in love.

Because the girls were not used to auditioning for such a big competition they were understandably both extremely nervous. Before performing they had fears about singing the wrong words, having the wrong pitch, and worried about their performances as a whole. According to Poche, auditioning wasn’t easy. “I was extremely nervous because there were so many people everywhere and the other auditioners all sounded so amazing!” She also admits there was some concern about knowing her lyrics. “I was also slightly worried about forgetting the lyrics because I never actually made a point of learning them when I first heard it, and I only memorized the lyrics a week or so in advance.”

Despite the stress and anxiety, it proved a memorable experience for both of them. “I was so happy that I got to experience something that cool. It was amazing!” said eleventh grader Jamie Leak after her audition was over.

Not many people have the singing ability or courage to perform like these girls did. We are proud of you!